What is a Blunt Splitter and How to Use It
February 28, 2022

What is a Blunt Splitter and How to Use It

The tool used to cut the blunt cigar is a splitter. It is also known as a cigar cutter, blade, and sometimes scissors. There are several ways to use this splitter. But first, you should know what a blunt splitter is?

You can use it to cut blunt cigars. This device has been designed specifically for cutting cigar shapes. The purpose of this tool is straightforward; it functions only to make holes in the cigar head so you can smoke it.

There are a variety of splitters that you can choose from and other cigar-cutting tools such as knives, scissors, punch cutters, and more. Select the right tool to cut your favorite cigar so that the taste and aroma remain perfect when lit.

How to Use It?

1. Choose the Type of Splitter

There are many types of splitters. Some people may use scissors or knives to cut cigars, but it is better not to do so because they have a wider hole diameter and will affect the taste when smoking later on.

You should also avoid using Guillotine cutters that are for smaller cigars. Get a splitter that is the same size as the cigar you smoke. If you want to use a knife or scissors, make sure that the blade is wet to not tear the tobacco leaves inside the cigar.

2. Cut the Cigar Head

The next step is to cut the cigar head. You can do it by inserting the blade of your splitter into the hole located at the end of the cigar. Be cautious about inserting it too deeply because you might damage the tobacco leaves inside. When inserted, rotate the cutter around a few times to make a clean cut.

You can also use a punch cutter to make a giant hole. Just make sure that the diameter of the edge is the same as the cigar. If you use a knife or scissors, cut off one end of the cigar and then slice it in half lengthwise. Ensure not to damage the tobacco leaves inside the cigar when doing this process. When using a punch cutter, insert the blade into one end of your cigar and then twist it around to make a circular cut on top.

3. Smoke and Enjoy

Now that you have cut the cigar, you can smoke it and enjoy the flavors. When smoking, draw slowly at first until the tobacco leaves inside are evenly lit. Then, you can start to puff on it usually. Make sure to avoid touching the lit end with your fingers, and remember to always use a cigar holder.

What Is the Benefit of Using It?

  • It is the most straightforward and efficient tool to cut your cigar. It also helps preserve the cigar's flavor and aroma since it does not damage the tobacco leaves inside.
  • The hole at the top will be smaller in diameter than if you were using scissors or knives. It means that less smoke will escape from the end of your cigar when smoking, later on, thus preserving its flavor for more extended periods!
  • The design of the handle of most splitters is ergonomic so that it fits well in your hand while still being comfortable to use. It makes them much more manageable than scissors or knives!
  • It will stop you from slicing it too deep into a cigar and damaging the tobacco leaves inside them. If this occurs, there is no way for any smoke to escape, which means that your cigar will taste terrible and have no flavor.
  • The hole diameter is smaller than other tools like scissors or knives, so you can make holes in the head of cigars without damaging them too much. You don't need any particular skills or experience: insert one end into an open flame.

The blunt splitter is a tool that cigar lovers must own. With this tool, you can cut the head of your favorite cigar quickly and efficiently without damaging it too much so that its aroma and taste remain perfect when lit later on!