What Happens If You Drink Some Vaping Liquid?
October 06, 2020

What Happens If You Drink Some Vaping Liquid?

If you decide to drink a liquid for vaping, you are unlikely to go to repeat this experience. Unless, of course, a lethal outcome occurs. Flavoring e-liquids though may taste good but drinking them directly may not be a good idea.

One of the coolest liquids are provided by top vaping producing companies but even these manufacturers do not recommend eating or drinking these nicotine-containing liquids directly. A thought of drinking these liquids might have occurred to your mind sometime. If yes, this article is worth your reading time.

In this article, we will answer the questions asked by many regarding vaping liquids and look in detail whether drinking vaping liquid is safe or not for adults, animals, and children.

Is Drinking Vaping Liquid Safe?

You probably know that nicotine is not the best companion for your body. While vaping is safer than smoking tobacco with many toxins, these may also contain nicotine salts. So put the bottle down, buddy, it's not worth it.

Of course, it is unlikely that you will drop dead if you decide to drink a liquid, but there is a chance that you could face extremely unpleasant consequences because nicotine is fatal to humans (and we believe that this is exactly what you should not forget about).

What Will Happen If You Drink Vaping Liquid?

 Drinking liquid in one gulp is significantly more likely to cause more serious harm than smoking or vaping. At best, you will be poisoned, but do you want it? Do it for yourself?

You should also remember that nicotine is measured in milliliters.

Therefore, if you drink a bottle of nicotine-free liquid, most likely in the worst case, you will simply face diarrhea. At the same time, a small 30ml bottle with 25mg of nicotine will already contain 750mg of nicotine, and this is enough to completely ruin your plans for the next few days.

Can the Vaping Liquid Kill?

Yes, but the same can be said about your cigarettes, and you have always known about it. Nicotine is absorbed by the body very quickly, which means that if you decide to smoke or consume a lethal dose of nicotine, between the first and about 60 cigarettes (or vaping session) enough time will have passed for the nicotine from the first cigarettes to be eliminated by the body. 

Even if you suddenly die, by the time of the autopsy it will be difficult to establish the cause of death, since the nicotine has already been absorbed. However, if you do drink liquid (which is not a great idea, we repeat!), Then you are using too much nicotine at a time, which gives death with a scythe an advantage over your metabolism if it decides to come to you today.

Fatal for Animals and Children

An adult can still survive the bottle round, but the same cannot be said for children and animals. Unfortunately, there have been fatal cases when babies got bottles of their parents' liquid, so you should always keep the liquid out of the reach of children and pets.

Leads to Diarrhea

There are other side-effects of these liquids when taken directly. It may lead to diarrhea and remain for several days. Therefore, it might not be fatal but surely has consequences on your body.

Why do you even want to drink the vaping liquid, people? Even if the liquid does not kill you, you will spend the next days near the toilet, and nights without sleep. How about just putting this madness out of your head and trying to vaporize the liquid like a normal person?

Final Words

So, we conclude with advice that eating or drinking these e-liquids is not in any way a good idea. Hence, think again if you are having this bad idea in your mind by yourself or put by others. It may seem to be a fun thing to do with your friends while partying but it is not beneficial for your health.

Another important thing is this nicotine can be addictive if the action is repeated several times. If you have started electronic cigarettes to quit conventional smoking, then this is an extremely bad idea.