Sexual Pleasure
December 21, 2022

What Do People Choose to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

In the years of high school and even sometimes sooner, adolescents are often challenged with three bold yet coaxing scopes: drinking alcohol, trying drugs, and having sexual intercourse. The current statistics show that most teens have experienced at least one of these. And the most important aspect is that these behaviors are sometimes connected.

Researchers have conducted numerous studies to find that with the increase in the frequency of substance abuse like poppers, the number of sexually risky behaviors also surges. Teens who have reported not experiencing any substance use are least likely to take part in sexually risky endeavors. Let's consider the top five sexual drugs that teens and adults across the globe indulge in to influence their confidence and sex drive.


While alcohol is mostly deemed for its ill effects on psychological and physical health, it is linked to a host of sexual behaviors. When consumed at a moderate level, it reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Most importantly, alcohol is perceived as a social lubricant that improves mood, decreases self-consciousness, and encourages social skills. Research presented in Psychological Science shows this theory. With alcohol, it becomes easy to approach others for sexual connection.


Cannabis is a widely used sexual drug in various populations, such as men who have sexual intercourse with men. It appears to give sex-dependent effects since consumption of cannabis before sexual activities improves desire, and orgasm while reducing discomfort among the women population. Also, frequent use of cannabis also adjusts semen and hormonal parameters including a high level of follicle-stimulating hormone.


The user of Ecstasy drug or MDMA reported a sensation of emotional closeness with their sex partner. Many users also report that it usually doesn't cause the desire for penetrative sex. But how ecstasy influences the sexual behavior of an individual can vary among users and some users have also reported increased arousal. Ecstasy is primarily used by gay and bisexual females for increased sexual pleasure.


Poppers are among the most commonly used sexual drugs which are used by same-sex partners, especially for gay sex. Owing to their impact in inducing vasodilation of the blood vessels at the periphery as well as the dilation of the anal sphincter, poppers help in easing anal sex to a great extent. Moreover, it is also endowed with the ability to improve sexual pleasure. Many online poppers stores exist like Poppers Express, although, this doesn’t necessarily mean that poppers are available in all countries as legislation will be different depending on where you live.


Contrary to popular belief, this little blue pill cannot do anything to the level of sexual arousal or libido. It rather works by surging the flow of blood to the male genitals which makes it easy to keep up an erection when the individual feels aroused. The drug achieves this feat by stopping the PDE5 enzyme. This improves blood flow to the penis whenever the person feels stimulated.

Drugs have the power to influence sexual behavior in several ways, by both increasing and decreasing sex drive and sexual response. Poppers have the power to make sexual intercourse intense while inflating sexual-risk taking and how the body responds to sex.