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What Can Smartwatches Actually Do?

Smartwatches, aka wrist computers, have been around for a decade now.

With that said, there’s still a bit of mystery surrounding their purpose - especially amongst folks just dipping their toes into this booming industry.

While saying that smartwatches are about to overtake the orthodox wristwatch would be an overstatement at this stage, it’s impossible to deny their rapid year-on-year growth.

More and more people decide to ditch the mere time-tellers in favor of wearables that can help them run their everyday errands, track wellbeing, and stay connected with friends and family.

Describing all the smartwatch features could take a day or two (yes, there are that many). However, in this article, we’ve listed the most popular and sought-after.

So, what can a smartwatch do

Let’s dive in!

Top Features of Modern Smartwatches

  • Heart Monitoring

When the smartwatch industry was making its baby steps a decade-or-so ago, the inclusion of a heart rate monitor was making jaws drop.

These days, the newly-released models can do so much more to protect your heart. 

Many brands offer features such as irregular heartbeat alerts or even fully-functioning ECG readers. By wearing top models such as Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Active Watch, many people learned that they’ve been living with a heart condition they never suspected having, ie. Atrial Fibrillation. 

  • Sleep Tracking

In this fast-paced world, many people overlook the importance of sleep and the benefits it brings to our physical and mental health.

Nowadays, basically all smartwatches offer excellent insights into your sleeping patterns. For example, you can learn about the length of your deep sleep which is the most crucial phase when it comes to repairing your body.

Many people use the sleep monitor to test different sleep supplements and medications, as well bedtimes.

  • Blood Measurements

Some more advanced wearables can also provide you with precise data on your blood!

Leading manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung or Garmin, are now equipping their products with blood pressure monitors and SpO2 sensors. 

If you’re dealing with chronic blood pressure, you can get any of these models and ditch the heavyweight equipment you’ve been using all your life in favor of the inconspicuous smartwatch. 

The SpO2 sensor can be particularly useful during today’s pandemic-hit world.

  • Dedicated Workouts

Contemporary smartwatches are also flooded with fitness and workout modes.

Whether you’re into weight lifting, jogging, rowing or golfing, you’re bound to get excellent insights into your performance with apps dedicated exclusively to these sports.

  • GPS

Nearly all newly-launched smartwatches allow for GPS tracking.

Some need your smartphone to be connected for optimal performance but others have built-in navigational systems that allow you to leave your phone behind and still get the data on the route, speed and distance traveled.

  • Notifications

One of the basic perks of smartwatches is the ability to turn on notifications for any events and platforms you consider important.

Whether it’s your significant other texting or calling you, a reminder about an upcoming calendar event, or your friend’s new post on Instagram, a smartwatch will let you know so you don’t have to pull out your smartphone anytime something important happens.

  • Calling & Texting

Many smartwatches have built-in microphones which allows you to make calls with your mobile still in your pocket. 

More and more models are also making it possible to reply to text messages using the smartwatch’s display screen.

  • LTE Support

Smartphones with LTE (or 4G) support can function as standalone devices.

What does that mean?

Well, it means you can pretty much replace the usage of your smartphone with your wearable. In other words, you can leave your phone behind!

Thanks to the virtual sim cards (e-sims), you can replicate the actual smartphone sim card and perform all your tasks with your smartwatch instead.

At the moment, very few smartwatch models can do this and they are quite pricey.

  • Watching Videos

Many smartwatches allow you to watch videos on the screen, whether it’s through the Youtube app or the regular video player.

While the relatively small screen makes the viewing far from comfortable, it’s still a great feature to have.

  • Listening to Music

Last but not least, nearly all reputable manufacturers offer compatibility with popular music streaming services such as Spotify or Soundcloud.


The post was written by Alan, the founder and lead editor of TimepieceKing, a site dedicated to providing readers with the latest news on all types of watches.