December 28, 2022

What Are the Types of Tarot Readings Yes or No?

Everyone who is just starting their acquaintance with Tarot cards is wondering which layout is the simplest for the most inexperienced person. Tarot readings yes or no are the most accurate and are better to use when asking about a particular situation. There are several kinds of these layouts a spread for one card, a cross, a Celtic cross, a layout for three cards and a few more. Today we will discuss the last one.

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Varieties of yes or no Tarot card reading

There are simple and difficult Tarot speads. Complicated layouts are good because they can give answers to a number of questions at once as for how the event itself looks like, what are the reasons for its occurrence, the attitude of the questioner towards it, and possible ways to solve it.

When using simple layouts, for one or three cards, you will have to access the cards in several passes. For example, while making free yes or no Tarot reading, you should ask two questions:

  • “What happens if I select the first option?”
  • “What happens if I select the second variant?” 

Then you have to look at the results, comparing both answers, and decide which would be preferable. Many tarologists prefer simple methods of divination, since they help to study the situation step by step and in detail from all sides. Sometimes this yes or no Tarot card reading gives much more complete answers to questions about solving the problem.

Free yes or no Tarot: simple spreads for beginners

A three-card layout is a kind of one-card divination variation, a more complicated version of it for those who have already improved their skills a little. Usually, this type of Tarot readings yes or no is carried out using one of the Major Arcana, which further simplifies the interpretation, but if you have enough experience, you can use the entire deck, including both types of Arcana.

The thing is that Minor Arcana usually reveal more subtle nuances of the situation and when using a minimum number of cards, they won’t show the whole picture. For a new questioner in Tarot readings yes or no it is more convenient to use only the Major Arcana although an experienced Tarot master will always be able to correctly “catch the message”, no matter how intricate the combination of cards in the layout may be.

Tarot readings yes or no: Three-card instriction

The most common interpretation of three-card Tarot readings yes or no is as follows:

  • The 1st card denotes the material aspect of the problem, its physical state.
  • The 2nd card denotes the mental aspect of the problem its causes and circumstances, which are realized, which we let into our minds. Note that these can also be thoughts that we have allowed to enter our heads. In this case, it is likely that this problem does not exist at all. Perhaps the questioner simply invented it and this is the reason for failures.
  • The 3rd card denotes the spiritual aspect that is, the feelings and experiences associated with it, as well as karmic lessons that are directly related to the growth of our spirituality and humanity (or lack of it). 

Depending on the specifics of the question, there may be slight deviations from this free yes or no Tarot explanation, creating other options for meanings. However, in general, the scheme remains the same and everything is up to the person.