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What Are the Costs of Restaurant Equipment?

Now that you're opening a new restaurant, it's time to start furnishing it with equipment. It can actually be pretty expensive to start purchasing kitchen equipment outright. As a restaurant owner, you need to make smart money decisions, especially within your first year of operating. Thankfully, there are a lot of different ways you can finance your commercial kitchen equipment. You can find leasing finance options, buy your appliances used, or purchase them through loans or credit.

If you're furnishing a commercial kitchen, though, you may want to consider a restaurant equipment lease from The Restaurant Warehouse. They're a leasing company that allows you to rent kitchen equipment through affordable monthly payments. Out of all of the options mentioned above, this is the fastest, most affordable way to establish your business.

With financing from The Restaurant Warehouse, you can pay per piece of equipment rather than take out a larger loan to cover your purchases. This way, you can guarantee yourself positive cash flow with the opening of your new restaurant. The low monthly payments are a great way for business owners to generate profits without forking over the full purchase price of all the necessary appliances to operate a commercial kitchen. If you're interested in learning about the actual costs of restaurant equipment for your commercial kitchen, then keep reading below.

Commercial Freezers


It's important to have a good refrigeration system in your commercial kitchen. This is necessary for food safety and also to keep the surrounding air cool. Your typical 29-inch one-door upright freezer is going to cost around $3,200, but The Restaurant Warehouse offers it at a discounted price of $2,640. This gives you about $550 in savings.

A 52-inch upright version is nearly $5,000, while The Restaurant Warehouse offers it around $4,000. As you can see, their pricing really makes equipment affordable. Commercial chest freezers can cost anywhere from $740 to $2,000. It just depends on the size and whether you want an angled curve top. You'll find glass door units running around $2,200. Some commercial two-door options can be anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 if you buy glass-door merchandisers.

Commercial Refrigerators

Refrigerators are meant to transfer heat out of an enclosed space. This is because removing heat can extend the shelf life of your ingredients. There are different types to choose from, such as reach-in refrigeration, under-counter fridges, merchandisers, beverage fridges, and more. If you lease an under-counter refrigerator from The Restaurant Warehouse, it can cost anywhere from $34 to $64 a month.

This is a lot more affordable than having to buy a $2,500 fridge. If you're looking into commercial refrigerators, a 55-inch model can cost $74 a month instead of buying one for $4,500. A 55-inch merchandiser can cost $82 per month instead of paying $3,600 outright. The amount of money you spend in this category depends on the size of the fridge.

Sandwich and Pizza Prep Tables


Using the right equipment for prep work helps your kitchen run smoothly. With a sandwich prep table or a pizza prep table, you can maximize the efficiency of your kitchen. The sandwich prep table from The Restaurant Warehouse has storage, a fridge, and comes with accessories. That way, your sandwich connoisseur can throw together their meats and dressings without wasting any time. For the pizza prep tables, they can access toppings and sauces right on the table. A sandwich or pizza prep table will run you anywhere from $46 to $81 a month depending on the size.

These are just a few examples of the costs of restaurant equipment. Depending on your restaurant, you'll need deep fryers, commercial ovens, and other food preparation equipment. Furnishing a commercial kitchen is costly. That's why The Restaurant Warehouse offers flexible financing options and lease options; you can open your restaurant without being in the red.