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What Are Penis Bumps And Do They Affect Your Health

Penis Bumps

Genital health is often an underrated medical priority for males of all ages. Where women have their routine obstetrics/gynecologist (OB/GYN) consultation during puberty, prenatal, or postnatal stages – males only get to be examined during mandatory clinical examinations for medical clearance at school or work.

The most common concerns of males are erectile dysfunction, swelling, itching, difficulty in urinating, abnormal discharges, discoloration, and the presence of rash, warts, and sores. However, advancements in science and technology paved the way for modern medicine in treating conditions ranging from simple to complicated male reproductive health concerns.

Many penile problems are benign and insignificant- what's thought to be signs of an underlying and severe disease may only be an idiopathic, normal, and unique characteristic of the penis. Such condition is the pearly penile papules (PPP) - the presence of bead-like bumps around the penis' head, which are mistakenly assumed to be signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

When a man starts to engage in activities such as intercourse, this condition can lead to insecurities, reduced self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, many non-surgical procedures are available to get rid of these bumps. You may check out PPP Kits for more information.    

What Are These Penis Bumps?

Pearly penile papules are also known as corona capillitii, pink pearly papules, Hirustoid papillomas, papillar in the corona glandis, and hirsuties papilla corona of the penis. In most cases, these penile bumps are visible as small pinkish-white growths. However, they may be lighter or darker in some.

PPP is purely asymptomatic – they don't produce discomfort, itchiness, and pain. Their sizes can range from 1 to 4 millimeters (mm) and are grouped into clusters of rows or columns around the sulcus or corona of the glans penis. They look like tiny pimples but without pus.

Penis Bumps

Does PPP Affect Your Health?  

About 14 to 48 percent of men have PPP, and among these cases are found in black males, boys in the post-puberty stage, and uncircumcised individuals. Up to this day, PPP remains an idiopathic condition. After years of thorough research, doctors conclude that these may be residues during the embryonic stage.

Thus, in conclusion, PPP does not affect your health. They're not infectious nor malignant. Prior hypotheses state that they may be linked to poor hygiene, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and STDs, but they were proven false.

Health experts also conclude that PPP is unpreventable and unpredictable. There are no preventive or cautionary measures found to be effective. Getting a circumcision doesn't also guarantee to prevent PPP.

Though, PPP doesn't pose any health effects on males. It's highly encouraged to consult your primary physician or urologist if you notice abnormal growths, discoloration, pain, swelling, and bumps – they may be caused by other underlying diseases and lead to complications.

What are the Treatments for PPP?

Even though PPP doesn't pose systemic health risks, it can influence self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall perception of oneself. Anxiety and depression may arise due to frustrations and insecurities during intimate times with your partner.   

For teenagers, it's vital to inform your parents or guardian when you notice abnormal bumps or any penile issues you experience. Regardless of age, any changes and discomfort you feel must be addressed immediately. Immediate medical attention must be given to ensure overall health and rule out possible causes.   


Radiosurgery is a popular non-surgical and painless procedure that treats various conditions ranging from cancer to skin problems and tumors. A machine emits radiation and is gently directed to the bumps. You may feel comfortable warmth during application. The number of sessions and post-treatment medical precautions depends on the physician's discretion.  

PPP Kit  

PPP kit is one of the latest and most convenient pain-free treatments. The package contains an electrical ionizer device, gauzes, and complete instructions on how to perform the procedure by yourself. You may ask your primary physician or urologist for appropriate medical advice.  

Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery   

Like radiosurgery, laser treatment is one of the oldest procedures that treat various skin, muscle, bone, and organ conditions. With PPP, a laser device is directed to the cluster of bumps to dissolve them. Depending on the type of laser, some have contact with the skin while others need a certain distance to avoid burning and other skin or muscle damage.  

Taking All Into Consideration

There are many penile problems you must be aware of – warts, rash, painful sores, discoloration, discharges, or erectile problems. Immediate medical attention must be given for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment to prevent it from worsening.   

However, these penis bumps everyone is concerned about are proven to be not infectious and malignant. They pose no threat that may affect the males' overall health. However, various treatments are available for PPP if you wish to remove them. Always consult a medical doctor before proceeding to ensure your safety.