Ways CBD Changed The Fashion Industry
December 10, 2020

Ways CBD Changed The Fashion Industry

Cannabidiol or CBD has created such a buzz in commercial products recently. CBD is actually derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, which contains over 80 types of cannabinoids.

THC and CBD are the popular ones that have beneficial properties, however tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is responsible for the psychoactive component. Because of this, commercial and medical brands do not use THC.  

On the other hand CBD has shown to be very helpful because it manages anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and even pain. This is why products infused with CBD are so popular in the market today! These include oils for relaxation, CBD gummies Colorado is famous for, and even facial cleansers used in skin care products.

When did CBD oil enter the market?

Cannabis-based products became commercialized because of its legalization in almost all American states. CBD is incredibly versatile, which means that it can be used as a topical or edible - pretty much spanning the most popular markets, which are food and fashion. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) has to approve brands and products that contain CBD. Consumers can then be assured if they buy a CBD-infused product with an FDA approval mark. This way, the brands are also removing the negative stigma around the use of cannabis.

Most American states have now legalized the use of marijuana to treat certain medical conditions, while a lesser number of states allow for recreational marijuana. So be sure to check the federal and local laws before making any purchase. Make sure to buy wholesale CBD products, this will cost you less.

For one, Colorado laws allow for both, which led to a boom of marijuana products in the local market. If you are looking for CBD gummies Colorado has a variety of popular choices. They even sell CBD cocktails, hemp brownie bars, cocktails and teas!

Is CBD useful for the fashion industry?

You may be surprised that the latest discovery for CBD oil is CBD infused clothing. The positive benefits from marijuana have led people to explore the many ways that we can use it in our daily lives. 

The short list below will enumerate the pioneers of using CBD oil in the fashion industry.

  • Devan Chemicals from Belgium has developed the technology to weave CBD microcapsules into fabric. They wanted to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions for the textile market, which is wasteful and expensive. Since CBD is a plant-based extract, using it eases the demand for cotton production all over the world.
  • CBD infused pajamas and bedsheets were created to give consumers a restful sleep, since it is believed to help you become relaxed and calm. The idea behind this is that the user can battle insomnia and have a restful sleep without changing anything in their lifestyle except use this sleepwear.
  • Lastly, the luxury brand Acabada ProActiveWear launched activewear that contains CBD oil. They claim that their pain-relieving activewear is the future as CBD reduces pain and inflammation in our bodies which get strained from regular exercise. 

Of course, there is limited scientific research available right now about the effects of CBD in our clothing. But the growing evidence for CBD oil as a remedy for many conditions is enough for the industries to keep innovating. This will be made even more possible once legal policies change to legalize marijuana use in other countries.