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August 02, 2021

Want to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Luxury Hotel Quality Pillows? Here are the Top 3 Things you Need to Know Before You Make a Decision.

We see those everywhere – in hotels, in movies, when shopping for good quality furniture – they’re placed on some big luxurious bed and lie there glimmering under the warm subtle lighting inviting you to rest your head against them. And maybe you want to buy a few of those for your house to recreate this atmosphere of luxury, ease, fun, and sound sleep when no worry ever crosses your mind.

However, before making an investment in such a piece (that does usually cost quite the money), we suggest you read through this article so that you will end up making an informed decision and find the pillow that will be perfect for you. Here are a few things to consider when buying luxury hotel quality pillows:

1. The fill

The very base of any pillow is its fill. Do you like very soft pillows, or do you sleep better on harder ones? Do you care whether the fill is natural or no? Is the insulating property of a pillow important for you?

You should really take into consideration those questions because your experience does depend on those. For example, Hungarian goose down is considered one of the top-quality fills for pillows and quilts. Why so? While many types of geese are bred in a tropical climate, Hungarian geese are one of the rare situations when geese actually grow up in a cold climate, which makes their down a good insulant. When you sleep on a Hungarian goose down pillow, it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot or cold depending on the surrounding temperature. So if you prefer sleeping on a natural fill pillow that will regulate its temperature itself, then this option is for you.

There are a lot of different types of fills: from Siberian goose down and duck feather pillows to completely artificial fills – the choice is yours. But the separate case of Hungarian geese shows how important it is to research the background of the fill to choose the right one for yourself. As well as it is important to make sure you’re buying from a trusted retailer: as for Hungarian goose, we suggest trustworthy stores that have been on the market for a long time like The Bedspread Shop which offers a really high-quality Danish Eiderdown Quilts collection.

2. The loft

A good store will offer you a variety of lofts to choose from. The loft basically dictates how high your pillow is going to be. Depending on whether you have a small or a large frame and whether you like sleeping on your back, tummy, or side, different lofts will be convenient for you. As an example, you might be a small-framed individual, and if you choose a pillow that is too high for you, over time you might develop so-called “Venus rings” on your neck from always having to bend your neck.

It would be even better if you could visit the store in person and ask for a pillow that you liked in different lofts and try laying your head on them, and choose by comparison. Always ask yourself a question: “Do I think, I’ll be comfortable sleeping like this at least for a few years, or before I buy another pillow?”, as a good pillow will serve you for the longest time. To find your dream home, you can also explore Visionary Lofts' website. They offer exceptional properties in Dulwich and East Dulwich.

3. Pillow covers

Oftentimes stores sell pillows that come with pillow covers that can be removed for a wash and used again and again. It is important to pay attention to the material of your pillow cover.

If you are someone who cares a lot about breathable natural materials, you should look for covers made of cotton. However, over the last few years there have been some questions raised about the use of 100% cotton sheets and pillow covers, as many point out that since cotton is a good absorbent material, it might strip the skin of natural oils and moisture.

So if you already have dry skin or just generally care about your skin a lot you might want to look for pillow covers made of silk, just to be sure, but those come with a significantly higher price and require more attentive maintenance.

Who doesn’t want a good set of pillows to always make your bed look more welcoming when you’re tired in the evening, and to elevate the general feel of your space with a touch of expensive hotel luxury? When making such an important decision, it’s always good to stay at the top of your game and be informed to make the best decision for yourself, and we hope you found our tips useful!