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Want to Build Your Perfect Desktop? Check Out These Suggestions

Have you always been dreaming about a standing desk but your budget doesn’t allow you to get one? Now, it is not a problem. Build your perfect height-adjustable desk. There are several options to do so.

Remake Your Old Desk into a Height-Adjustable One

If you have a desk that you have been using for ages, and you want to continue using it, remake it into a height-adjustable item. It is a perfect option for those who prefer custom standing desks.

If the desk top is big, and if you use something else along with your computer, a lift system will be more suitable. With it, you can be sure that the item will be able to support the needed weight and will not collapse after several weeks of use.

If you need a desk for a computer only, and the desk surface shall not be excessively big, a telescopic column is a suitable option. If the desk shall be bigger but you still want to use a telescopic column, get two items or even four items and use them instead of the desk legs.

While a lifting system can handle the majority of desk types, if you choose a telescopic column, consider the following:

  • The stroke length shall be sufficient to move the desk from a sitting into a standing position. For you, both positions shall be convenient.
  • The lifting power: the column or the columns need to lift the desk top and equipment used for your daily tasks. Don’t forget that just measuring the equipment isn`t enough. The column will be moving it, not just supporting it in a static position. If you don’t know how to calculate the needed lifting power, ask a representative of the column manufacturer. If you buy an item that cannot handle the needed weight, it will be overheating, and finally, it will get burnt.
  • Noise generation level: whatever you choose, the noise generated by the item shall be at least bearable. While the majority of more expensive items are pretty silent, cheaper devices might be quite noisy. Anyway, it is more secure to check in advance the noise generation level of your future item.

Once the needed devices are selected, you can place your order and wait until they are delivered.

Once you have all the needed components, fix the desk top on the lifting system or the lifting columns, test it, and if everything works smoothly, arrange the desk properly and use it.

Build a New Desk

The only difference here is that instead of a desk top that is already available, you will use a new desk top. You can either purchase one online or order a custom top for you. When doing so, pay attention to:

  • The desk top size: you shall fit it into the available space.
  • The item material: you can choose a plastic, a wooden, or an MDF top. The first option is usually the cheapest. A wooden top looks impressive but it is heavy and expensive. A top made from MDF is the most budget-friendly and looks very nice. Moreover, modern tops are treated to make them scratch- and water-resistant.

Further, install the top on a lifting system or telescopic columns. You know already how to choose them. Test the entire construction to ensure everything works as expected. If you like everything, if nothing shall be adjusted, arrange the accessories. Finally, adjust the desk to the needed height, check what height is the best for a sitting and a standing position. Now, you can start your work.