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Want a Career in Men's Fashion? Do This

One of the most unexpected developments in commerce during the 2020s has been the explosion of the men's fashion market. More than ever, men are paying close attention to what they wear to work, in their social lives, and during sporting activities. What is fueling the incredible growth of a once sluggish niche?

No one can say for sure, but the phenomenon has attracted the attention of thousands of people who aim to make a career in the fashion industry. If you are a member of that group, be sure to do a lot of research before committing to a particular segment of the men's fashion business. Then, get a relevant college degree to augment your resume and acquire the basic skills needed for success.

Don't neglect to build a professional network that includes every person you meet who has a connection to fashion, whether as a designer, owner, backer, or supplier. It's also essential to take a few marketing courses so you'll be able to operate your own company should you opt for the entrepreneurship route later on. Here's how to begin your journey toward a career in men's fashion.

Research the Market

Spend time doing in-depth research on men's fashion trends, products, top designers, industry leaders, and independent clothing producers. Remember, you'll be spending a large portion of your life in this world, so dig in and get to know what it's about and what makes it tick. Read industry journals and sign up to view the major international shows online.

Get a Degree

Getting a degree in a fashion-related subject is not just about a diploma. It's also about learning the critical skills it takes to excel in a competitive marketplace. Fortunately, prospective degree candidates can leverage the power of uncovering grants and scholarships. In fact, it's possible to scour potential monetary resources this way because the platforms utilize profile matching. That way, you only apply for scholarship programs that match your needs and for which you are eligible. The simple process begins when you create a personal profile. In less than a half-hour, you can submit applications online for multiple grants and scholarships.

Build a Professional Network

One way to begin building a professional fashion network is to identify hobbies for fashionable people, attend local shows, introduce yourself to shop owners, sign up for trade exhibitions, and speak with career counselors about how to find mentors. Some of the most successful industry executives started out by volunteering at local events and working as interns at clothing companies.

Study Marketing and Build a Portfolio

Even if you don't earn a college degree, make sure to acquire basic marketing skills by working in sales and taking courses in demographics, basic statistics, advertising, promotional methods, and other relevant subjects. Knowing how to sell is at the heart of most indie and large-scale clothing operations. Include every one of your projects, even school-related ones, in your official portfolio. That includes volunteer, intern, and other unpaid jobs. Use high-quality photos and other graphics. Don't rely solely on a digital portfolio because some hiring managers will ask for a hard copy.