Video Editing Software: Top Tools in 2021
August 06, 2021

Video Editing Software: Top Tools in 2021

The year is 2021, and audiovisual content is the best way to make an impression. If you create videos for any platform, you'll need to enhance the look of your videos to ensure that viewers keep smashing the like and subscribe buttons. There are a slew of video editing software competing for your attention, all with various features and capabilities. 

Sifting through the huge collection of video editing software can be difficult, and this is what we have done, so you don't have to do it yourself. The video editing tools highlighted in this write-up each have unique features that make them the best in their class, with most of them updated with new features in 2021 to make them even better. Dive right in to discover the crème de la crème of video editing tools in 2021. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is geared towards professionals who want stunning visuals. This video editing software is the go-to for a lot of professionals. It has all the tools and features you'll expect to find in a video editor

Premiere Pro is very compatible with touch screen input, so those who prefer this method of input will feel at home on the Premiere Pro interface. You will not be able to buy Premiere Pro outright as it is only available via subscription for $20.99 monthly or $239.88 every year. 

Movavi Video Editor

Do you want an easy-to-use but feature-packed editor to transform those recorded moments into movies? Movavi Video Editor is the software to get. Movavi Video Editor looks to support the creation of high-quality video edits without the complexity of professional-grade software, and it excels at it.

This video editor will not confuse you with numerous unexplained buttons, it features a clean, user-friendly interface that highlights each tool precisely. Movavi Video Editor features a lot of superb transitions and visual effects which can be applied to spice up your videos. The software is available to be purchased outright for $59.95, although you can go for the Movavi Unlimited plan, which costs $259.95 and adds other apps such as a photo editor, a format converter, and a PDF editor. 

DaVinci Resolve

This video editor is mainly for professionals. For a start, the relatively high system requirements make it clear that it isn't a tool for the occasional vlogger. The minimum RAM requirement, for example, is a whopping 16 gigabytes. 

DaVinci Resolve offers you the full set of tools you'll need to produce any video, including a motion graphics editor and audio producer. The software may need some getting used to, but as a professional, you won’t mind, right? 

DaVinci Resolve has a free version which is also great. For example, it offers all the tools needed to create a video for YouTube. To get the premium version with all the professional tools unlocked, though, you'll need to shell out $295, which is a reasonable price considering the competition and the capabilities of this video editing software

Corel Videostudio

Corel Videostudio is a feature-rich, intuitive software for video editors. It seeks to provide functionality for enthusiasts and amateurs alike with its slew of editing tools and its numerous project templates. Corel Videostudio added the Instant Projects Template feature in 2021, which a lot of online marketers will find very useful. It basically lets you recreate videos using your own clips. Online marketers who have to churn out a number of videos periodically will find this feature very useful. This video editing software is available only to Windows users and costs $79.99 for the pro version and $99.99 for the ultimate version. 

Cyberlink Powerdirector

This is another great tool for video editing. PowerDirector is a savvy and loaded video editing software with a bunch of improvements each year. Added support for macOS devices in 2021, among various other features, has brought it into this list. This video editing software leaves almost no box unchecked. 

If there's a feature in any video editing software, PowerDirector most likely has it. From support for 360-degree videos to 3D editing and motion tracking, PowerDirector has it all. The 2021 update also brought access to Shutterstock's royalty-free images and videos to the software. This video editor gives access to tons of visual effects and transitions. There are two variants of this software, an ultra variant which can be accessed for $99.99, and the ultimate, which costs $129.99. You can also opt for $69.99 yearly or $19.99 monthly subscription packages.


Lightworks is probably the best free video editing software that can be found in 2021. That it is free doesn't mean it lacks something, though. Lightworks has full professional video editing tools and features to be taken advantage of. The paid premium version of Lightworks adds even more features to an already feature-rich package. 

This software is often used by real movie producers and has been used to edit several box office hits. Although Lightworks has a learning curve that can be considered steep by some, once you get used to the interface, you will find out that it is quite straightforward. 

This video editing software can handle any kind of project you have at hand, from fun videos to show off to your friends to high-quality, professional creations. The free version is available for use for life, while you'll need to pay a monthly $24.99 fee, a yearly $174.99 fee, or a hefty one-time $437.99 payment for the premium version. 


Each person has different needs, and this reflects even further when it comes to choosing a tool for video editing. This article rounds up the best video editing software available. In this list, you will find the right video editor for your editing needs in 2021.