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Varieties You Can Find at Brussels Chocolate Shops

Belgium has a broad range of top chocolate products produced by the world's greatest chocolatiers. The Flanders area is known as the "chocolate capital of the world." Belgium has over 320 chocolate factories and manufactures over 725,000 tons of chocolate annually.

Most Belgians are aware that it is difficult to walk more than a few steps in Brussels without coming across fantastic Brussels chocolate shops. Chocolate is thought to be over 3,000 years old, but what makes Belgian chocolate so famous? What varieties of these chocolates drive people nuts? Learn everything in this post.

Why Do People Love Belgian Chocolates?

Belgian chocolate, according to researchers, has an impressive global reputation, owing to the excellent flavors provided by the cocoa butter content.

Since 2003, European Union law has permitted up to 5% of non-cocoa butter vegetable fats (such as palm oil) in chocolate. However, since the addition of this ingredient is perceived as a lack of consistency, Belgian chocolate producers continue to use 100 percent cocoa butter.

Belgian chocolate has also had its exhibition for the past four years. The international Brussels Chocolate Fair puts chocolate enthusiasts worldwide together for a giant beanfeast in all things chocolate.

Some Popular Chocolate Varieties

As you might have got the idea why Belgian chocolates are loved so much, it's now time to find out the most common chocolate varieties you could find at the best Brussels chocolate shops.


Godiva is currently present in over 70 countries worldwide. It has become a symbol of refinement and creativity. Chocolatiers at Godiva blend incredible flavors with delicate finishes. They put their skills to use to produce masterpieces from the finest ingredients.


Belvas Fine Chocolate is among Northern Europe's first vegan chocolates since it is organic, gluten-free, and doesn't have sugar. However, don't worry about the nutritious ingredients; it'll taste just like any other chocolate. Belvas is derived from the combination of Bel (Belgium) and "vas," which means "south," and features two hands holding each other as a gesture of unity between the north and south of Belgium.  


Neuhaus invented the praline, and the firm has retained its standards of quality. Their Les Irresistibles is very alluring: triangle-shaped nougatines coated in delicious Belgian chocolate and filled with various fillings. These treats have the best flavor and taste combination.


Nearly 100 years ago, the Wittamer family was the first to open a so-called "new bakery" in Sablon, Brussels. Since the shop's owners planned and produced the custom cake for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Wittamer was awarded Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium in 1999. It may be considered their "big break," as their name became instantly recognized worldwide.

Despite their established status, Wittamer continues to attract popularity for continuing to experiment with new innovative flavors.


Leonidas chocolates are guaranteed to be fresh and of high quality. They're made using only the finest materials and conventional techniques. For the shell, only pure cocoa butter and 100 percent natural ingredients are used. All of the other elements are selected with caution as well. Leonidas continues to make original and gourmet goods in a culture of solidarity, affection, and collaboration, based on the concept of "making pralines available to all."

Final Words

Belgium is renowned for its chocolate heritage, and its chocolate is still considered a global holy grail. High-end brands like Leonidas, Neuhaus, and Godiva are outstanding, but retail brands are also fantastic.