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Using Text Speak to Show How You Feel

Do you ever find yourself struggling to explain yourself? What if instead of struggling to explain yourself, you could just let your words speak for themselves?

Why are we so hardwired to use text speak when speaking to each other? We often resort to using it when we are angry, upset, confused, afraid, or overwhelmed. When using text speak, we’re not saying what we mean—we’re showing it.

Text Speak is the process of adding emotive, emotionally charged words into everyday conversations to make them sound more personal. It’s a great way to show the reader what you’re really feeling.  Here are just a few examples of how to utilize text speak.

Using Text Speak

Use text speak to show how you feel

Text speak is a way of speaking in words that are shorter and easier to say. It doesn’t actually mean anything except it’s a shorthand way of writing and saying words. It’s usually used by people who don’t want to use the whole sentence, but still want to get across something quickly and clearly.  A perfect example of this is when someone would be using TT in a text message

Use text speak to help others understand you

Text speak is any slang, shorthand, or abbreviated language that is used in email, chat, text messages, instant messaging, and social media. It can be an effective tool for increasing the efficiency and clarity of communication. However, if used without context, it can be offensive, condescending, and come across as elitist. Text speak can cause confusion if it is misused. In order for text speak to be a useful communication tool, it needs to be used to help people understand you.

Use text speak to sound informal

It would be best if you also understood how to use text speak to sound more casual. Text speak can add a tone of informality and friendliness to your writing that could be beneficial if you are trying to make a connection with your audience. If you're comfortable with text speak, then you can also use it in emails and social media posts. 

Use text speak to avoid typing errors

Even if you’re a highly skilled writer, you’re bound to make errors, but those errors can make a big difference in your writing success. Text speak—the use of abbreviations, slang, and other acronyms—is a surefire way to cut down on typos and save time. If you don’t use text speak, you’ll have to type in all your words, making you slower than a snail and more prone to typos. 

Use text speak to show confidence

A common technique used by people who are confident in themselves is to use text speak. Text speak is slang or informal language used in writing. This could be anything from using words that are less formal than those in everyday speech to using abbreviations that sound more impressive. The purpose of text speak is to convey confidence. By doing this, you’re showing your readers that you’re comfortable with what you’re saying.

Many people assume that using text speak makes you sound less confident. But in fact, using text speak can actually help you seem more confident. It communicates that you’re familiar with and comfortable using technology and that you’re in control of the situation.

Use text speak to make your point easier to understand

There’s something about text speak that makes it an easy sell. It’s a shortcut to making your point without using words. This is why people use text speak in their emails, on Instagram, and in tweets. It’s also why we use text speak in writing. It makes our points easier to understand, and it’s a shortcut to getting across our message without having to say it.

Use text speak to add emphasis

Text speak is a technique that’s been around for a long time, but it’s been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s used in chat and email, but it can also be used to emphasize keywords in the copy. Using text speak can help you convey the message that your reader needs to hear.

Use text speak to create intrigue

If you want to create interest in your content, you need to think about your audience and use language that speaks directly to them. Text speak isn’t just used to convey sarcasm, but it can also be a powerful tool to add interest to your content and increase engagement.

Use text speak to add interest to your writing

Some words aren’t necessary, and if you’re using them, you may change them for something that adds value to your content. There is plenty of text-speak phrases you can use instead to give your message some added zing.

Final Thoughts

You need to express your feelings to the people who matter the most. Whether you are talking to your friends or clients, you need to show how you feel. To do that, you can use text speak to convey your emotions, feelings, and state of mind. Text speak is the way you say a lot of things without actually saying them.