welcome home sticker
September 16, 2021

Using A Vinyl Welcome Home Banner For Your Loved One

The family members look forward to spending time with their loved ones but those working in military services may have a different way to go. You have a lot of options to make the celebration of homecoming special but hanging a banner at the entrance makes it grand. It does not take much to create a banner to welcome your loved one but exploring the options can make the decision more precise.

Indoor use

If you want to use a custom welcome home banner indoors, such as in the home or an auditorium, you can select from opaque and indoor vinyl. Both the materials are weather-resistant and protect the banner from the UV rays but the latter has matte finish while the former has satin finish. There are no concerns regarding the durability of the both the options but if you want a sleeker look, the satin finish may be a batter choice.

Outdoor banner

If you are eager to place the welcoming banner at the entrance of your home, such as hanging from a building or placing it in the front yard, there are different materials to select. First and foremost, you have to calculate the weather of the place where to hang the banner. If you live in a windy area, allowing a gust of wind to shrink the banner can dampen the spirit of homecoming. Using a mesh vinyl is excellent when you want the wind to escape through the perforated place.

Why choose vinyl

Your eyes stick to vinyl when choosing banners for homecoming.  One of the biggest reasons for using vinyl banners is its affordability ad popularity. However, that may not be all for making the right decision.

  • The vinyl banners are attention-grabbing, so your loved one cannot miss the opportunity of feeling the happiness on entering the residential premises.
  • You can customize vinyl banners in the way you want and control the text and designs to represent the idea of homecoming.
  • The vinyl banners do not leave the opportunity of customization in terms of design, material, and cost.
  • The visual impact of using a vinyl banner is incredible as a well-designed banner cannot go unnoticed.
  • Using a vinyl banner allows your business to reduce the expenses and get reasonable rates.
  • With vinyl banners, you can enjoy the freedom of conveying a suitable message to the audience.
  • Another reason to depict the welcome home message using a vinyl banner makes sense as it is lightweight and good enough for carrying it to places.
  • You can add metal grommets to the banner and hang it at the entrance to make it more exhilarating.
  • The installation cost of vinyl banner is nothing when compared to the rest of the options.
  • The banner you hang outdoors need to be sturdy and vinyl is a clear winner when you look forward to using durable banners.

You can use grommets, pole pockets, cut sides, or string adhesive tabs to make the banner adhere to its place. So start searching for vinyl banners to make the homecoming spceisl for your loved one.