Tzvi Odzer
December 07, 2022

Tzvi Odzer

Throughout his career, Tzvi Odzer has worked hard to become an important member of the business community. In addition to his career, he has also made a name for himself as a philanthropist. Through his work in a number of nonprofit organizations, Odzer has helped those in need.

Tzvi Odzer

Financial background

During the run up to the 2006 presidential election, Tzvi Odzer gave $1,000 to a candidate's campaign. At the time, the maximum contribution that a single individual could make to a federal candidate was $1,000. Although Odzer did make the maximum contribution, he did not contribute in the form of a check. Instead, he wrote three checks, each bearing the name of one of his children in the "for" line. The checks were signed by Odzer, and a total of six checks were submitted to the Weiner Committee. During the run up to the election, Odzer also donated money to his favorite causes, including the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Jewish Foundation for Jewish Research.


Despite his conviction on conspiracy charges, Odzer has made a point of donating religious materials to prison inmates and U.S. service members abroad. In addition, he has dedicated his resources to building and sustaining Jewish community synagogues. According to his website, he has also helped sick children in hospitals.

President Donald Trump has announced that he will pardon Odzer in 2021. According to the President, the decision was driven by his charitable deeds and support from his political allies. Stumphauzer, who is currently a receiver in the Par Funding case, has revealed alleged kickbacks from Odzer to LaForte. He cites emails and text messages as evidence. He has also tried to claw back millions for Par's investors. He will also have to pay the remainder of the restitution order.

Business career

During his business career, Tzvi Odzer has been known to donate thousands of dollars to support synagogues and Jewish communities. He also donated $1,000 to the Weiner Committee in December 1999 and another $1,000 in May 2000. These donations were made with Odzer's name on the checks and in the "for" line. Odzer's wife, Leib Odzer, has stated that the checks were for the purpose of supporting her husband's campaign for federal office.

Odzer's business career started when he began selling janitorial supplies door to door. He made $15 million in revenue from his company, Paper Pro Inc. He also was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000. Odzer was pardoned in 2021 by President Donald Trump. He must now pay the remaining restitution order for his crimes. During his prison term, Odzer served 18 months for a $16 million bank fraud. During his sentence, Odzer was also named to the New York Bankers Association's "Financial Institutions" List.

Relationship with Joseph LaForte

During the recent week, Joseph LaForte has been gaining popularity on the sidelines. His fans have increased exponentially over the last few days. Known for his charismatic works, Joseph LaForte has become one of the world's wealthiest individuals. However, he has a multigenerational criminal history.

LaForte is accused of being involved in a $540 million scheme that took advantage of 1,200 investors. The scheme involved LaForte running a fake law firm that made bogus loans. The scheme was illegal and the company was convicted in 2006.

Joseph LaForte pleaded guilty to running an illegal offshore gambling operation in 2009. The trial was scheduled for May 2013 but was delayed for a number of reasons. In the meantime, LaForte served a 10-month federal sentence concurrent with his state prison sentence.

LaForte's trial has also been delayed due to concerns about Covid19, a financial software program that LaForte used to control his operations. LaForte is accused of transferring cash into corporate books and not telling investors that he had previously served time in prison.