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Types And Benefits Of Stainless Steel Shelves For Kitchens

A shelf is a piece of furniture without a front door for storage of frequently used items that you always want to keep at hand. Such type of equipment is extremely important and considered one of the essential objects not only for residential spaces but also for commercial purposes, especially when it comes to arranging kitchens in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other food establishment types.

Shelves can be made of materials such as wood, chipboard, glass, plastic, etc. However, for those who seek durability, high impact resistance, and the ability to withstand high humidity, temperature fluctuations, chemicals, damage, and heavy use, of course, the most preferable options are stainless steel shelves made of heavy-duty material.

There is an array of commercial shelving types to manage space in busy commercial kitchens. Although there are various types of wood for shelves, some wall options can be located over a stainless steel prep table to boost ergonomics. Some alternatives are also possible to attach to the vertical wall for holding heavy appliances such as microwave ovens, or you can even consider shelving systems on wheels with lots of levels for expanding storage capacity. 

Triangle wall shelves an ergonomic option that can be hung in any corner of the room. They are installed on supports that are fixed on both sides of the corner, so it is a quite steady construction that saves valuable space. Lots of configurations and accessories are available when it comes to stainless steel shelves. Let’s explore some more details about the top picks of catering business owners. 

Steel Shelves For Kitchens

Stainless steel shelves for a more organized commercial kitchen

Standard wall mount shelves. Versatile vertical shelves made of heavy-duty stainless steel will be a great addition to any kitchen. The sturdy construction that can be securely mounted to the wall allows you to safely hold nearly everything there, freeing up valuable space on the countertops. For example, if your working surface is limited due to large appliances such as a microwave oven or small utensils, you can place them on a surface that is attached vertically. Such shelves have many advantages. Their placement is appropriate anywhere and at any height comfortable for your personnel.

Dunnage racks. If the previous type of stainless steel shelves for kitchen can fit both business and private needs, then this solution is suitable only for commercial use. To comply with hygienic rules, and avoid storing boxes with goods, perishable products, and items on the floor, invest in metal racks. Thus, your kitchen will properly be arranged and tidy. Such a rack takes up a little area and is available with wheels, so you can easily transport heavy packages and facilitate cleaning activities. Such shelving can be crafted from aluminum or plastic. But, as mentioned above, only maintenance-free stainless steel can deliver excellent performance.

Complete shelving kits. It is a racking solution for all uses. Having three or more levels, this commercial-grade construction is considered one of the most demanded equipment types for convenient product accommodation.

It’s impossible to pick a “one size fits all” steel product for commercial purposes. The smart solution will be to buy a variety of shelving types that can enhance your staff productivity and deal with the issue of small kitchens, using every inch of counter space.