Try Paint by Numbers and Enjoy Making Your First Artwork
April 06, 2022

Try Paint by Numbers and Enjoy Making Your First Artwork

If you’re an enthusiast in trying new hobbies and crafting all the time, this article will keep you interested. This is also for all of you guys who are into DIY projects.

Painting on canvas is a difficult thing to do. Even if you would get appropriate equipment, you don’t normally know how to start, how to use paints, colors, brushes, etc. And that’s why I wrote this article to describe something, that would take you over all of those obstacles.

Imagine having a blank canvas staring at you and waiting for your first stroke of the brush. For me, it’s almost an infinite amount of time. Where to start? Which object should I start painting at first? How to go on? These and many more questions are coming to my mind when I’m standing, hopeless, eager to start. They say the first step is always the most difficult one.

But, this little trick could overcome all your fears and troubles. It’s called Paint by Numbers. Perhaps you remember those cute coloring books you had when you were young or you’re working on with your kids. This is almost the same.

The canvas that we use for painting by numbers is actually not blank but already printed with many shapes and numbers. And each of those shapes is actually numbered. So you get an area filled with plenty of numbers and shapes of different sizes. You usually get 24, even up to 36 different colors to use.

Paint by Numbers

It’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Well, this has helped many people to achieve their ambition to become an artist and to make their own artwork, that looks exactly like one from a gallery.

Everything is nice so far, but how to get and where do you get such a canvas for your work? The best is always to find one online. You’re sitting in the comfort of your home and you can patiently select a picture that you really love that you would be so proud of when you finish it.

One of the places where you can find the best paint by numbers online is Painting by numbers shop®. It’s a great website with plenty of images that you can browse by category.

If you didn’t find the one you like and maybe you’re even looking for a special personalized gift for somebody, you might choose a Custom paint by numbers kit. The process is simple, you have to send your own picture via the server of that website and place an order. They will produce the canvas with all the paints from your picture. You can use a photo of your family, or friends. Some people like to send a photo of their dogs, cats, or other pets. 

Paint by Numbers

Now it’s up to you if you choose to finish such a painting, get an interesting frame, and then give it framed. Or, and that can be really tricky, you give it as a kit, hoping that your friend or spouse is going to invest the time and make the artwork themselves.