Toys Made for Men: Discover New Ways to Find Pleasure
May 25, 2022

Toys Made for Men: Discover New Ways to Find Pleasure

When it comes to the bedroom, some people get a little tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. Not that there’s anything wrong with being vanilla if that’s your flavor, though. It just depends on the person and the individual. Many people, though, are curious about what else is out there.

They like to lose themselves in the imaginative fantasies that transport them to various times and places. They’re excited and eager to try new things and discover what they like and don’t. Many men, especially digital natives and LGBTQ+ advocates and allies, have a much lower stigma against exploring things like anal and prostate orgasm. This is the case even amongst straight men.

However, even though there is a visible rise in the popularity of prostate orgasms, many men still don’t know about the toys available to them. Toys are designed specifically for p-spot stimulation and the male body. Opening up the door to the world of toys like a prostate massager or a butt plug can help you discover whole new levels of pleasure.

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The Popularity of the Prostate O

The popularity of the prostate play and prostate orgasm has been on the rise over the past few years. There are easy instances in pop-media that point to this trend, such as in the show “Broad City” and their wildly famous episode in which Abbi Jacobson ends up pegging her crush (and accidentally ruining his dildo in the attempted clean-up). This was one of the first instances in which pegging was brought up so casually in the context of a sitcom, and it played very well with a broad spectrum of audience members.

This points to a broader trend in society. Pegging is becoming more accepted by a larger community of straight men and women alike but is becoming a preference and fantasy for many people of all gender identities. This might be the “you just have to try it once” phenomenon. In other words, once someone experiences the pleasure and intensity of a prostate orgasm for themselves, they suddenly understand what all the rave is about and accept that other men likely enjoy it just the same.

Exploring and Learning Yourself

Self-exploration is one of the most essential parts of becoming a good partner in the bedroom. This is because no one is a mind-reader. While some people are better at reading physical signs than others, nothing is as helpful as direct instruction. Even the most well-intended partners can be challenging to attend to sexually if they aren’t self-aware of their desires, likes, dislikes, kinks, fantasies, etc.

This is a huge reason to start conducting self-exploration and test out different things that you think you might like. Doing research is incredibly important, and you should never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, but there is nothing wrong with safe self-exploration and self-discovery. Most partners will appreciate the time and energy you’ve dedicated to learning yourself, as it makes it much easier to create organic chemistry and have a fulfilling and satisfying session for everyone involved.

If prostate massage sounds interesting, explore your boundaries and testing the waters. A prostate massager is a great way to introduce prostate massage into someone’s lifestyle. In addition, there are male-dedicated toys for prostate massage and prostate stimulation.

Bringing Partners Closer Together

Prostate massagers and other prostate toys aren’t only meant for solo play. Many men prefer to have their toys used on them by their partner, no matter the relationship's dynamic. This is a highly intimate thing and can be very powerful. The trust and intimacy built between couples or partners who share this type of experience is often heightened and elevated by exploring this area of pleasure together.

Not only that, but regular prostate massage can strengthen erections and increase duration, which are only bonuses for any partners involved.

Finding the Right Toy for You

There are reasons that prostate massage has started to emerge as a regular and popular preference in the bedroom. One of the main reasons is that it feels fantastic. It is an entirely different type of full-body sensation, and it opens up a whole world of new options for you as an individual and in the context of a relationship or partnership. There is a huge marketplace full of prostate massagers to explore and pick from, the suitable toy for you may just be out there. So take your time, and enjoy the searching process.