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Top 5 Tips that Help You Buy Crystals Online

Are you an admirer of crystals and rocks? Whether you are purchasing a crystal for jewellery, a display of luxury, or for its healing powers, you should buy an authentic one. Authentic mineral crystals have a crystalline appearance. More than 3000 minerals are available on earth.

Additionally, many online crystals sellers worldwide sell a wide range of crystals for a wide range of prices. So, with so many options of online vendors to choose from, how can any beginner know from which vendors to buy mineral crystals? This article provides you with a guide to help you make informed decisions before purchasing crystals from any online vendor.

1. Know the Crystals You Want

You must clearly understand the crystal minerals you wish to add to your collection before approaching any vendor. There exists a wide variety of crystal formations and species, each with a distinctive texture, colour, price, and properties. The common types of crystals include quartz, garnet, malachite, amethyst, citrine, and fluorite. If you are not particular about the mineral crystals, you should add them to your collection, check at jewellery and crystals exhibits and form a list of your preferred crystals.

2. Look for Detailed Crystal Descriptions

The last experience any online buyer wants is to find out they did not receive what they paid for. One vital tip to avoid such inconvenience is to check for a detailed description of the crystal you are about to purchase. The report should have information such as the crystal’s condition, size, properties, and origin. The information on the crystal’s heritage will help you estimate its authenticity, price, and the right vendor for that crystal.

3. Find a Seasoned Crystals Vendor

An online crystal dealer may either be authentic or not. A seasoned crystal dealer is one with vast experience and a history of dealing in mineral crystals. Look for a website linked to a physical store or a warehouse with a large local and international base. For instance, if you wish to buy wholesale crystals online in Australia, look for a website linked to a brick-and-mortar shop.

4. Carry Out the Necessary Research

Online shopping platforms exist in virtual reality and do not offer the hands-on experience of visiting a physical store. It is therefore highly crucial that you do adequate research on a website before buying. Ask friends and family opinions on the online crystal shops, check online reviews about the crystal stores on Facebook and Google, and visit the websites. As always you will, therefore, be in a better position to select a reputable dealer.

5. Consider the Price

When buying crystals online, the price of the crystals is significant. Compare different prices from various online dealers to get a glimpse of the best dealer to buy from. You can also check out books and catalogues from the library or online.


Regardless of whether you are a mineral dealer, collector, or enthusiast, the quality and authenticity of mineral crystals should be paramount. If there is no guarantee of finding quality crystals from various vendors worldwide, buy wholesale crystals online in Australia.