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Top 10 Interesting Games for the Perfect Gentleman

Game nights are the best ice breakers. Planning a game night with friends does not have to be stressful. Here is a list of top games for the perfect gentlemen.

  • Wingspan

Wingspan is addictive and can involve up to 5 players but also with a solo option. Its complexity allows you to think and it has lots of possible strategies to maneuver. The game is a fresh approach to the tactical card game genre where players must balance their resources to build their flying machine with wingspan, crew, engines and guns.

  • Flight simulation

Flight sim is an air traffic control simulation game in which the player directs planes and helicopters to land safely without crashing into each other. It is fun and simple. The gameplay is very easy, the player only needs to use a drag and drop interface to control the air traffic. The player will be controlling all of the air traffic around an airport within a certain time limit.

Flight sim also has a story mode, in which the player will control an air traffic controller (the game calls them "flight simulators") at an unnamed airport to help a team of four pilots complete a mission in which they have to fly into different airports.

The game is played by dragging and dropping planes, helicopters, and vehicles around the airport. The player can also choose their viewpoint within the simulation. In-game controls are handled by pointing and clicking on objects within the simulation; there is no additional hardware required.

  • Splendor

Splendor is easy to play and therefore suitable for new players as well. It is light, small, and affordable and can be played over and over again by a maximum of four players.

  • Mysterium

It is a perfect game for mystery fans and is quite satisfying when it goes well and bad. Mysterium is generally fun to play between a ghost and mediums to solve a murder. Mysterium is a game that has captured the audience and critics. It is a mystery game that has an interesting plot, story, and mystery. The game is sold out at many places. Mysterium is available on Desura, PS4, Xbox One, and PC download.

As a game-play of the game, there are a number of mysterium cards which are hidden. A ghost player chooses one and hands it over to the mediums; they must interpret the card and build a story with another mediums’ card. The ghost player must remove as many doubts as possible to help mediums interpret the cards right.

Reviewers have picked it as “one of the best board games around”, “mysterium is a must for every family”, “a fantastic co-op experience” etc.

  • Isle of skye

Isle of Sky involves building an island and being better at it than your friends. It involves financial struggle to stuff your island and have it looking better than the rest of the players. You’ll hire employees, have customers, and once you get enough money you’ll be able to upgrade your island with new buildings and even an airport to fly your employees to the island on!

  • Scrabble

Scrabble is a word game that involves lots of thinking and coordination. Players have to stick tiles on the game board to form meaningful words that can be read from left to right and downwards in columns.

  • Chess

Chess is quite competitive. It involves two players either controlling the white or black pieces. It is easy to learn and play as it requires few strategies and tactics. It is the world’s most popular game.

  • Exploding kittens

It is easy to learn and play. Each card contains a silly measure of fun and is very much similar to UNO except it has goats, mysterious enchiladas, and a murderous kitten.

  • Codenames

Codenames is another simple board game that can be played by two parties or with an opposing group. The two are spymasters and recognize their agents only through codenames. The point is to see which team makes contacts with its agents first.

  • 10.Farkle

Farkle is a dice game that can contain any number of players. The point is to roll the dice and find out how lucky you are.

You now have ideas for hosting a game night, don’t you? Find a favorite and run with it.