Tips To Create a Fantasy Costume
May 20, 2022

Tips To Create a Fantasy Costume

When creating a fantasy costume, there are questions you have to ask yourself. Are you looking for a whimsical witch costume, a quirky queen, an enraged elf, or something else? Are you creating a costume for a known character, or do you plan to create a costume for a fantasy-inspired character? We have some tips below on creating a fantasy costume for further inspiration.

Create The Character

Who is the character you’re creating? Are they a worrier or a warrior? Or a warrior who is also a worrier? What is their story? Are they a rebel who had to leave home? What was their occupation? Were they a baker or a teacher? Do they have siblings, cousins, or children? Are they a ruler in disguise? How old are they? What is their name and family name? What is their favorite food?

Time And Location

When and where does your fantasy character originate? Are they from our reality or a different universe, galaxy, planet, or dimension? If they are from our world, are they from a hidden area, or do they exist in our world and we don’t usually notice them? What time period are they from? Are they from the 18th century, are they from ancient Rome, or are they from the future?

Are they a time-traveling steampunk shapeshifting winged being with a pet parrot? If they are, where are they now? Are they in the Midwest trying not to draw attention to themselves, or are they in a big city where nobody even thinks twice about their appearance? Are they a winged being with green skin and a parrot on their shoulder wearing regular clothes?

Color And Material

Color and texture are essential in costumes. With some materials, some colors look better than others, but colors and materials can impart information about your character. In Earth’s history, some natural dyes, such as purple, were imported from locations far away. The only people who could afford purple dyes were royalty and other aristocratic peoples.

The same goes for the material of the clothing. What kind of material can your character realistically afford. Are they rich enough to afford silk? If not, what material can they afford that will last them a long time? If you were making a whimsical witch costume, what color and material would they wear?

Functional For The Purpose

When creating a fantasy costume, you want your costume to be functional for the purpose. Your adventurous lady pirate isn’t likely to wear high heels on a ship sailing on an ocean. Your cat guy or cat girl probably wants to wear loose clothing as it lets them move around better, and leather doesn’t breathe. Can you imagine how hot they would get wearing leather on top of fur?


You can find motifs in literature, TV, films, and music A motif is a repeating image or idea that people can associate with the character. For example, a character from a noble house with a lion for a family crest may have lion imagery on her clothing, armor, or accessories or are shaped to resemble something about a lion.

The only limits for costumes are your imagination and the ability to turn ideas into reality. You can check out all our costumes and find one to love.