Tips For Hosting An Eco-Friendly Wedding Party
December 15, 2021

Tips For Hosting An Eco-Friendly Wedding Party

Weddings come with many expectations, planning, and grandeur; after all, it’s the biggest day in every couple’s life. But behind the scenes, there are dark mysteries in which a lot of food goes wasted, tossed paper stuff, the list is endless that can negatively impact our mother earth. 

So how do you save nature from suffering such wrath? We understand that parties are important, and we do not suggest skipping the party in the name of saving Mother Earth, but there are certainly ways in which you can reduce the carbon footprint and opt for eco-friendly ways to host the party. 

Want to know how you can make the wedding party an eco-friendly affair? Read further to get acquainted with the ideas:

Go for eco-friendly invitations

A wedding invitation is all where it starts from. The wedding invitation is the first thing you spend on to invite your guests, and the good news is you can go eco-friendly from the very first point. 

Instead of falling for showy materials, talk it out with the invitation vendor and pick on materials that can be recycled and upcycled. Look for materials that can go back to the environment without harming it to get the wedding started on an eco-friendly note.

Daytime party

Hosting the party outdoors during the daytime is another way by which you can stick to the eco-friendly mode. Outdoor party not only allows the guests to have some fresh breeze and enjoy nature but also saves a lot of energy that goes wasted in the form of lighting décor. 

Instead, you can go for outdoor spaces decked with flowers and natural décor items to give your guests a place to enjoy in the lap of nature.

Ditch disposables and go for rentals

Using disposable cups and plates for snack items may sound feasible, but ditching them serves good for nature. Instead, go for rental cutleries that can be used repeatedly and do not require to be thrown out after the party. Ranging from cutleries to plates and cups and even linens, consider renting them rather than buying disposable ones.

Get floral arrangements

Botanical centerpieces are highly popular these days. And, the good news is that these are eco-friendly options to make your venue look beautiful. Flower décor is a fantastic alternative to make the party bloom with beauty and fragrance. 

You can consider logging in to to get the experts to assist you with the flower décor. 

Try to cut down on food wastage

Another area that goes unnoticed is food wastage. Wastage of food is a common sight at wedding parties, and you will often find leftovers making their way to the dustbin. But this shouldn't be overlooked when you plan to go environment-friendly while hosting a wedding party. 

The best way you can conquer this loophole is by opting for plated meals. Additionally, you can also talk to the caterer about the same to help you save leftovers rather than throwing away the same, which can be further donated to the needy.


These were a few ways in which you can cut down the carbon footprint while hosting a wedding party. Do try these out and save nature while hosting a gala wedding party.