This is why you need tags for your clothing line.
June 14, 2021

This is why you need tags for your clothing line.

Customers are now aware of such things as brand, types of garments, care instructions, etc but a long time ago, customers only cared to buy clothes to cover the body but tags for clothing have changed the narrative.

A long time ago, clothing tags is a word which was unknown to the customers as they have been left in the dark when it comes to the understanding of clothing.

While a lot of clothing brands in the last decade are still yet to appreciate and acknowledge the importance of tags for clothing I will be showing you some of the major factors why you need  to corporate hang tags for your clothing brand.

tags for your clothing line

What are hang tags?

Hang tags are labels attached to the product, in which its main purpose is to give you the relevant information aligned to the brand. These tags are usually stronger and thicker than any other clothing labels.

Below are the reason why you should have your clothing tags:

For Care instructions:

As a customer, the first thing I am going to check for before purchasing clothing material is to look out for the care instructions.

Hang tags are a great way to instruct your customers to take care of the products. And you should try as much as possible to keep the text brief and to the point, you may even use some visual content that will represent your brand. Lastly, it is advisable and preferable to use printed hang tags so that the instructions can be read clearly.

Important information:

The customers are always curious about the quality of the fabric. You can include the percentage of clothing materials used to create the product. 

Connects with your customers

An attractive hangtag easily sets an impression and plays positively with the psyche of your customers. For instance, some brands create the hang tag in such a way that it is used as a showpiece or even as a bookmark.

Increase sales:

As you know that marketing in the clothing industry, especially for a clothing brand involves an array of activities. So, you can easily use your cloth tags as a marketing tool, and also as a marketing platform where you can provide promotional codes so that the customers buy more of your products.

Custom options:

You should try as much as possible to find a label and handtag maker for your brand, but not just a label maker but someone that will give you the flexibility to customize your printed or woven hang tags per your requirements. They will offer you various sizes and cuts so that you can personalize the hang tag using appropriate colour and content.

Voice of your brand:

There are many ways to showcase how cool and amazing your brand is and what makes it different from other brands. So, attaching a hand tag with necessary content can be a great way to show it. You just have to make sure that your clothing tags have a compelling look and feel that voices the USPs of your brand in the shortest possible way.