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Things to Remember When Buying Topical CBD Products

Everywhere you look these days, you will find a topical product with CBD. It is the new addition to the pet healthcare trend, from creams and lotions to serums and salves. CBD topical products help dogs avoid prescription medicines and lead a stress-free life.

If you are looking for topical CBD for dogs, check out the tips below to understand what you need to remember about them.

As the industry is largely unregulated, many companies try to sell low-quality products, taking advantage of the high demands and the lack of knowledge among the buyers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure you buy the right product for your dog.

1- Do not let outrageous claims excite you:

As the FDA does not regulate CBD product manufacturers, they cannot claim that their offerings can cure or treat a health issue. If you find a company that claims to cure your pet of a particular ailment, it is better to stay away from that company.

2- Seek an authenticity certificate:

Ask the manufacturing company to provide you with a certificate of authenticity. Or, you may look for one on the Internet. The certificate features several pages stating that the product is lab-tested and mentions the amount of CBD and other components in each lot or batch. Make sure to check that the lab is a third-party entity and not the in-house lab of the manufacturer.

3- Have a word with the vet in advance:

Your pet may be suffering from an underlying issue that requires it to consume prescription drugs daily. Ingesting CBD oil may impact the drug's functioning. Under such circumstances, you should always inform your doctor about your intention for topical administration to the dog.

Despite creams or lotions not impacting medications much, you should not take a chance because, unlike humans, dogs tend to lick their body parts often.

4- Do not ignore the label:

When it comes to your canine, you want the best of everything for it, and taking a chance with your pet's health is simply out of the question.

Look at the other ingredients present in the supplement to ensure it has nothing that causes allergic reactions in dogs. Indeed, there is no known report of CBD allergy in the medical literature.

Nonetheless, you never know what ingredients have been used given the unregulated industry and how your canine might react to a given element in a given situation. Besides the components, you should also confirm that the product is paraben and cruelty-free, has no GMO, and is made in the USA.

5- Isolate or full-spectrum:

Is the CBD full spectrum or isolate? The label will answer your question. Knowing this is important because full-spectrum should be administered in lower doses than isolates for efficacy. On the contrary, isolates work better when dispensed in high doses.

When choosing CBD for dogs, do not hesitate to talk to experts in the field to learn if the product will be effective or not. Be it their food or some kind of supplement, never compromise on what you feed your pets.