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These 3 Tips Can Make Your Job Fair Booth Stand Out

Job fairs are a great way to establish in-person interaction between employers and applicants. Applicants can meet a variety of job opportunities in one location on one day. Employers can also collect a large number of resumes in one day. And they have the opportunity to meet with candidates in person and determine if they are a good fit for the company culture. While many of today's job fairs will be held online.

However, many universities will still choose the traditional on-site job fairs. Giving students and companies a chance to communicate offline. Recruitment events are an important part of every company's recruitment process. It is crucial to attracting more people to your booth. Therefore, we have planned a guide for companies who want to prepare for Job Fair Booth to ensure that they can get more resumes.

First, establish goals

You need to determine the purpose and goals of the job fair ahead of time. Is there a need for part-time or full-time employees? What is the position for which you need to recruit? How many resumes is the goal to receive? Determining these questions will give you more clarity about the event. After that, decide on the number of people responsible for the show. Too many or not enough staff can make the show chaotic.

How to set up the booth

Obvious banners and posters. These two items are essential. Especially the banner is almost the first thing people will see. Make sure the banner has the company's name and logo on it. And the poster should include information about the recruitment, such as the position, working hours, and the company's profile and story. Generally, companies with a background story are more popular.

Pop up canopy. Especially in outdoor job fairs, just having a booth is not enough at all. Having a pop up canopy that can protect against UV rays makes for a better space to attract people. If it's a summer day, I believe many people will choose a booth with shade. This is also a great opportunity to interact with people who are hiding from the sun.

Useful Information. Have brochures and business cards on the table that people can read. These will give clear information and contact details. Even after the job fair is over, it provides the opportunity to get in touch. If there is a very crowded situation on the day, have contact forms ready. Have people fill in their basic information to make it easier to contact them later.

How to promote

Use of electronic devices can be a great way to stand out at a job fair. Bringing a large-size monitor and displaying a promotional video of the company or photos of the company environment can attract a crowd and promote the company in an engaging way. A-Wing Visuals, for example, has effectively used dynamic visual content to showcase their brand and attract potential customers or job candidates at events.

Gifts. No matter what type of show you are at, a few small giveaways are always needed. If you are on a budget, small snacks or bottled water with your company logo on it would be a good choice. Practical items such as pens, notebooks, etc. are also popular. You can also leave their contact information before giving the gift to facilitate the follow-up development.


If you want to stand out at a job fair, don't stay seated. Stand up and make eye contact and greet people, it will make the communication afterward much easier. If you are enthusiastic about the next job fair. Feel free to go to Quictent and choose the canopy tent that best suits the job fair booth and make your recruitment meeting a rewarding one.