The Value of Essay Writing Skills in One’s Life
September 16, 2021

The Value of Essay Writing Skills in One’s Life

The skill of essay writing is a valuable ability, especially in light that the art of it is disappearing.  We live in an age of sound bites, where we want the basic information at a glance, without having to digest the full impact of what is being communicated.  With so much knowledge at our fingertips, a quick Google search sends us to the information we need, most of it sized to fit within 8 square inches of a phone screen. The art of the essay is also concise informative, but it will go further in leaving the reader with a solid understanding of the topic.

Essays avoid rabbit trails, realizing that while any theme has facets to it which can enliven it, sticks with the core applicable information. According to Rachel Smith, an essay writer at Toulmin Essay and APA 7th Edition, “essays give enough information to make it clear, but also wet the appetite for the reader to go deeper into the topic using other academic sources.”  Essays draw from several source materials, using knowledge that can be regrouped in new ways to shed new light into creating a new subject. Essays are a network of information drawn together to provide different sources of information. Nothing is new under the sun, but how the knowledge is packaged can breed something innovative and imaginative, reflecting past knowledge and using it in fresh ways. 

Another reason why the essay is becoming rare is due to fact that grammar and composition has taken a back seat in the current educational climate. Not only are the technicalities of writing losing ground, but the art of composing thoughts in a concise, clear, and logical way has lost the vitality it used to have. When a communicator is sloppy and unclear in the presentation, the listener is lost, and no wonder the desire to read for information has decreased. It’s easier to listen to a TED talk or check out Wikipedia than stumble through a poorly written discourse which leaves the reader empty.

Speaking of the TED talk or Wikipedia, the reason that these sources are so popular is because the communication is done very well. The standards of these platforms are held high, so it’s like an essay coming to life for the person on the run. A person who can communicate well will find respect following, which produces a following and trust. While a particular career might not require writing essays directly, per se, the skill of thorough communication shows that who are the respected and trusted sources from which to learn. “Writing essays in an educational experience training for better communication in future careers,” says Brian Winston, a research paper writer at BeeStudent and Paper-Research.

The short and simple give-me-the-facts communication won’t go away in our busy world where there is no time to get all the facts, but for those who value a little depth and meaning to knowledge, the patterns which are made through the tried and true essay, will impact quality communication no matter what one does.  Think it, write it, edit it, and present it for the world, and may the intellect be used to serve mankind, not just entertain or persuade.

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