The top 3 Michael Kors Runway Watches for Men and Women
November 22, 2021

The top 3 Michael Kors Runway Watches for Men and Women

There’s barely any style enthusiast who doesn’t know Michael Kors. The self-named luxury fashion brand was established in 1981 and began as a luxury womenswear label. But it wasn’t until 2001 when the brand began offering men's clothing in 2001. This award-winning luxury brand did not take long to further branch out into the watch and accessory collections in 2004. Michael Kors has retail stores worldwide, including fashion capitals Italy, UK, Germany, Japan, and the USA.

The luxury brand aims to conquer the fashion industry by developing elegant timepieces to create synergy across all of their premium products. This move was intended to pair different watches with their signature clothing line and accessories for an overall Michael Kors look. Imagine brand loyalty and security at its finest.

The Michael Kors Watch Collection

The luxury brand launched its first timepiece collection in 2004. Since then, Michael Kors has developed 28 different lines with unique style, design, and functionality. These collections include Michael Kors Watches Runway, Slim Runway, Cinthia, Skylar, Portia, Channing, Brinkley, Sofie, Bradshaw, Darci, Ritz, Norie, Camille, Petite Darci, Lexington, Parker, Everest, Garner, Catlin, Sawyer, Kerry, Pyper, Blair, Dylan, Hartman, Mini Darci, Lauryn, and Jaryn.

The Michael Kors Runway line is popular among watch collectors. The brand boasts of a unique line of timepieces, each one representing the iconic Michael Kors style.

Runway - The Michael Kors Icon

The Runway timepiece collection is a perfect blend of functionality, luxury, and design. These Michael Kors watches are head-turners and exudes the signature chic yet sophisticated style. To style enthusiasts, an iconic watch is a must-have and the Michael Kors collection might just be the one you need. Here are the top three Runway watches, for both male and female. Each one stylish, unique, and fits your lifestyle.

The TOP 3 Female Runway Watch Collection

  • Silver Dial White Polyurethane

The Michael Kors Runway Silver Dial Polyurethane Ladies Watch is for you if you are after a timeless, luxurious watch. This watch comes with three chronograph dials, featuring a minute counter, a second counter, and a 24-hour dial. The hour indexes also have alternating geometric and Arabic numerals indexes. The 39mm dial is set in a gold and white polyurethane combination and held in place by a white polyurethane strap bracelet. This Michael Kors watch comes with a water resistance capability of up to 100-meters. A luminescent coating on the hands guarantees that the time is visible even at night, making it an ideal watch for everyday use. You can get the Michael Kors Runway Ladies Watch Silver Dial White Polyurethane at TheWatchCompany.

  • Rose Dial Rose Gold-plated

The Michael Kors Runway Rose Dial Rose Gold-plated Ladies watch is a top-pick among female watch enthusiasts. If you are into rose-gold luxurious items, then this timepiece is for you. This Michael Kors Runway watch comes in a 45mm solid stainless steel case with gold-plated rose dials and rose gold-tone hands. It also has a stainless steel band that will hold your watch into place. This Michael Kors watch boasts water resistance of up to 100 meters, making it durable in any setting. TheWatchCompany offers the Michael Kors Runway Ladies Watch Rose Dial Rose Gold-plated. 

  • Quartz Pink Dial

If you are a woman seeking a statement-worthy timepiece that blends a contemporary finish with a sleek design, then the Michael Kors Ladies Watch Runway Quartz Pink Dial is for you. This watch comes with a pink dial in a gold-toned case and a matching stainless steel bracelet. The pink dial has a minimalistic design with three hands marking the seconds, minutes, and hours. This Michael Kors watch flaunts water resistance as deep as 50 meters and is suited for any occasion. The Michael Kors Runway Ladies Watch Quartz Pink Dial is in stock at TheWatchCompany.

The TOP 3 Male Runway Watch Collection

  • Chronograph Quartz Black Dial

The Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Chronograph Quartz Black Dial is another crowd favorite because of its masculine black color and exterior. This watch presents strength, simplicity, and class. This Michael Kors watch comes with indexes in Arabic numerals, matched with black hands and a 45mm stainless steel case. This Michael Kors watch has a water resistance of up to 100 meters, making it ideal for sea lovers and enthusiasts. Purchase the Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Chronograph Quartz Black Dial at TheWatchCompany website.

  • Chronograph Stainless Steel

The Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch stands out in this brand's Runway collection. The solid 45mm dial highlights three black chronograph dials with a second counter, a minute counter, and a 24-hour stainless steel dial. Moreover, the exterior of the watch features minute markers for easy reference. This Michael Kors watch also comes in a matching stainless steel case and bracelet dial for a perfect finish. Obtain your Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel online here at TheWatchCompany.

  • Michael Kors Runway Men’s Watch Rose Gold-Tone

The Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Rose Gold-Tone is a standout timepiece that will exude elegance and sophistication. This watch is ideal for men who are not afraid to show their feminine side. This watch comes with a 45mm solid stainless steel case, luminous hands, and Arabic Numeral indexes. This watch has 100-meter water resistance, allowing it to be a watch for any occasion. If you want to buy a Michael Kors Runway Men's Watch Rose Gold-Tone, it is available at TheWatchCompany.


Michael Kors offer watches that are accurate, timeless, and elegant. You can choose between their 28 different timepiece collections that have stood the test of time. The Runway collection, in particular, is a line of uniquely designed luxurious timepieces that can be used on any occasion. This watch line also appeals to both men and women, so there is one that will be for you. You can get your own Michael Kors timepiece from TheWatchCompany today! Visit their website now and get the best deal in the market! They offer fast and efficient delivery.