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The Luxury Guide To Cuban Vacations: Where To Stay And What To Do

Looking for a luxury vacation to a Caribbean Island destination? Cuba is rapidly becoming one of the most popular places to go if you are looking for luxury.

The resorts here have been going through a renaissance in recent years, with some huge updates to the grand old Havana hotels and some major luxury developments springing up along the coastlines. Have a quick read of this guide, and you may be booking your next luxury trip to the enchanting island of Cuba.

Have A Luxurious Stay In Old Havana For A Taste Of Real Cuban Culture

This is the Cuba that everyone should see. Havana is Cuban culture's epicenter, where music, food, dance, and cigars combine into a bustling Caribbean melting pot.

Life’s modern luxuries can be found in Havana town, with the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski standing out for its rooftop bar and spa. If you are taking a luxury tour of Cuba, spend a few nights here to explore the biggest city on the island. There are streets and squares filled with excellent restaurants and bars, as well as luxury excursions like a tour of the La Corona Cigar Factory.

This factory is one of the oldest cigar makers in Havana, and their traditional Cuban cigar-making process is fascinating. You can get into the Havana mood early with the range of premium cigars here at These are some top cigars from all around the world, and they can help you practice a little before you visit the home of the cigar; La Habana.

No trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to its biggest city, where you can get a taste of its history and culture that cannot be found in a beach resort.

Enjoy Living A Life Of Luxury On The White, Sandy Beaches Of Cayo Coco

The Northern coast of Cuba has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Caribbean. If you are looking to live a life of luxury, one of the amazing resorts in Cayo Coco is exactly what you are looking for.

The resort of Sol Cayo Coco is a perfect Cuban getaway, with palm tree-lined beaches of white sand, and exotic cocktails available on-demand from the attentive and efficient waiting staff. There are a range of pools in the complex, too, if you want to avoid the sand, and areas for families and for couples. This helps you get some peace and quiet on your Caribbean Island vacation, which is the biggest luxury there is.

Sol Cayo Coco has you covered if you want to do some snorkeling, diving, or spearfishing. The resort has access to two different beaches, giving divers and sunbathers plenty of spots to choose from along two different areas. There are lots of fun water sports to enjoy here too if that is your thing, but if all you want is hot sun and a cool drink, then any luxury resorts in Cayo Coco have you covered.

This stretch of Cuban coastline enjoys great weather all year. October through to April has the most moderate climate, with less rain. Winter temperatures will rarely drop below 78 degrees. For peak heat, in July or August where temperatures can hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Experience An Old School Cuban Vacation In The Town Of Guardalavaca

This picturesque coastal town in the Holguin Province has the old-school charm of Cuba you know from the movies. Time has not stood still here but is has slowed down.

The Gran Muthu Almirante Beach Hotel is probably the most luxurious hotel in the area. It may look a little dated on the outside, but its interior has been modernized and keeps up with the latest resorts. The beaches here are beautiful, and the Gran Muthu has its own stretch of white and sandy paradise for its visitors to enjoy. The views here are stunning, and are a highlight for many guests, especially from their Viewpoint bar which lets you see the whole beach while you sip cocktails.

The area has plenty to do other than relax on the beach if you are looking for a bit of adventure. The local scuba school comes highly recommended. They offer full scuba-diving training and excursions to some of the best dive spots in Cuba. You can also snorkel with them in the shallows and see some of the amazing underwater life that inhabits the Cuban coastline.

The town is close by with an brilliant flea market that is perfect for picking up presents for family and friends, as well as some unique souvenirs from your trip to a luxury Cuban paradise.

Find Luxury And Isolation Off The Beaten Track In Cayo Largo

The tiny island, or islet, of Cayo Largo is a hundred miles south of Havana. It offers the idyllic Caribbean Island experience. Though it feels isolated, you are never far from luxuries, conveniences, and creature comforts.

The Hotel Pelicano stands out from the other resorts on the small island. It has a third of a mile of white sandy beach on its doorstep. This gives you great views across the Caribbean Sea and access to water sports, diving, and snorkeling. There is not much to see or do on the island of Cayo Largo, which may be one of the reasons it is so popular with luxury travelers.

The biggest tourist attractions on the island of Cayo Largo are its beaches, there is little else on offer. If you are on the island and looking for things to see and do, check out the Sea Turtle hatchery on the northwest archipelago of Caya Largo. Here you can find out more about these amazing creatures and their habitat. If you are lucky and visit at the right time of year you can see the turtles hatch on the beach and make their journey to the sea.

For the ultimate luxury Caribbean vacation, with the picturesque tranquility of a deserted island, then Cayo Largo is the destination for you. Two weeks of sunning yourself on these beaches can make you feel like you have spent months away from the pressures and stress of day-to-day life.

Cuba makes a great vacation destination if you are looking for luxury. It makes the perfect Caribbean Island getaway, with a mix of luxurious resorts, quaint towns and villages, and the hustle and bustle of the cultural mecca of Havana. Next time you are looking for somewhere to go on a luxury vacation, consider Cuba.