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The Importance of Transcription In Marketing Nowadays

Media content is an integral part of our daily life. People watch a lot of visual content due to the enhanced adoption of digital devices and mobile Internet. The power of media content is colossal. Using it wisely and implementing marketing strategies can build the business economically literate, predict its development, and impact its growth. This article explains the interrelation between transcription and marketing and reveals the efficient tools of business stimulation using closed captions and speech-to-text files.

The transcription solution from Google

The compositing of media formats with research transcription is a modern technique that many entrepreneurs use successfully. This effective method includes so much more benefits than delivering the content to the deaf population.

This direction has been receiving close attention from Internet giants. In February 2019, Google released the «Live Transcribe» application for Android digital devices. It allows people with hearing disabilities to communicate in multiple languages. However, it misses the crucial points of transcription, such as editing, the start-stop manipulations with a media file, accuracy of the text, understanding accents, and fast speech.

Any organization intends to serve its customers best of its competitors, engaging more and more clients every day. Let’s observe in detail how transcription services can help in this matter.

Top 10 reasons to transcribe the media content

Transcription has numerous advantages for businesses of any scale. If you still have not transcribed your content, consider the top-ten opportunities which transcription provides:

  1. Media content preparation for marketing. An overwhelming number of Internet users explore media for learning or picking up advice to solve a problem. However, more than half of uploaded content lacks voice search optimization. Transcribing it, you pave the way to stand out from the rest of the crowd and claim yourself the best product or service supplier.
  2. SEO traffic escalation. It comes uneasily to win attention within the crowded platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Google Search, and others. Reliable transcription and inserting the keywords in the text promote your media content across all search engines, putting your intent to the forefront. Better SEO optimization leads to more precise definitions of the media.
  3. Lead-magnet prospects creation. Getting more leads and traffic is possible thanks to transcribing and creating a high-converting lead magnet and convenient content repurpose into various formats. For instance, transforming media into an eBook with the future selling, posts in social networks, sending out email messages, presentations, and other purposes at the discretion of an entrepreneur. Various types of content help in lead generation and increase the traffic subsequently.
  4. Global availability and translation. Transcription with further translation into preferred languages multiplies the number of your audience in tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times. Whether you post lectures, seminars, or other educational content, transcription comes in handy for all non-native English speakers.
  5. Endowment more options to users. Many viewers scroll the videos in the working environment, in the noisy transport, or late at night when their housemates are sleeping. Some people prefer text to video. Written text is a convenient option, especially for videos and audio that extend half an hour. Transcription allows passing eyes through the content page and deciding whether it is purposive or not. Video subtitles are exceptionally efficient.
  6. Content engaging. The text version enriches users’ experience and provides even more advantages for an enterpriser. Thanks to transcription, it is easy for a user to find the necessary section for listening to it one more time. While an enterpriser may include the links of references, inviting to get more information on another website.
  7. The turnaround time-increasing while exploring a web source. Statistics say that over 90 percent of viewers watch a video with subtitles till the end. It means that they consume the content. The longer they stay on the site, the more chances an enterpriser possesses to engage them with the rest of the published data.
  8. People with hearing problems involvement. The number of people with hearing disabilities is over 450 million. Over 70 percent of people with hearing disabilities leave the site once they detect a lack of optimized content for the deaf. Transcription allows this large group of disabled to join your content too. Moreover, the laws of many States in America protect the rights of people with hearing issues and strictly recommend adding captions to the video content.
  9. Time-and-money saving. Although such platforms as YouTube provide automatic captioning, at most times, it requires editing. Also, poorly transcribed text may deal with a chain of spam filters from search engines. The charges for transcription are reasonable and respond to all the modern digital requirements.
  10. Educational literature for the staff. Having a text version of the content is convenient to spread among new team members for educational purposes. Meetings, seminars, podcasts that include highly specialized terminology make more sense in the text version.

The transcription provided by a credible company is a part of a marketing strategy that can extend the circle of your audience and increase the earnings.

Advantages of professional transcription services

Modern transcription services are a successful combination of the most advanced software for professional transcribers and human transcriptionists. Dealing with a reputable organization, you release yourself from worrying about leaking the content to the immense expands of the Internet. Confidentiality is in the first place.

Professionals transcribe any content, including the field-specific one, e.g., legality, medicine, engineering, or jurisprudence, checking each word thoroughly and providing superior text quality.

Noisy environment or other quality issues media are not a problem for the genuine specialists in transcription. Each customer receives the grammatically correct and edited text that matches the delivered outsource file completely.

Finding a reliable partner in transcribing is essential. It releases you from multitasking related to the text routine, allowing you to devote more time to record your new brilliant content. Entrust transcription job to professionals.