The Future Trends Impacting The Corrugated Packaging Industry
September 16, 2021

The Future Trends Impacting The Corrugated Packaging Industry

If you have any know-how of the packaging world, you would know that corrugated packaging is making extreme rounds and nearly every brand is opting for corrugated packaging because of the eco-friendly design and other associated factors. That being said, it has become an impeccable choice across different businesses and industries, particularly the brand that can depend on packaging design to show off its durability. 

Ranging from retailers to manufacturers, they always prefer opting for the reliable yet durable material which means corrugated packaging can help with that. With this article, we are talking about the emerging trends that are continuously changing the future of the corrugated packaging industry. Not to forget, we will tell how this particular packaging is changing the way people use packaging. So, are you ready to know more about this?

The Insulated Packaging Solutions 

When it comes down to perishable products, such as fruits and other fresh edible products, shipping them can be extremely challenging. However, with the climate changes and more international relationships, it’s nearly impossible to stop this transit between different places. In addition to this, the popularity of grocery deliveries and meal kits has pushed the companies to take relative measures to ensure the food is delivered in the freshest form. 

For this purpose, multiple companies have invested in refrigerated trucks as well as cooling packs to ensure the food products are safe from spoilage. Sure, these solutions are amazing but the future calls for more affordable and convenient options, such as choosing the corrugated insulated packaging. Not so long ago, one South Korean grocery delivery company won the award for curating the corrugated insulation boxes which helped with food protection during transit. 

According to the insight, this delivery company went through over four thousand tests to develop this revolutionary design, and the final packaging is designed to maintain the temperature up to zero degrees Fahrenheit for around fourteen hours. However, there are no plans in the pipeline to make the packaging available to other companies but it is surely innovating other brands to work on this new packaging to keep the perishable products fresh and safe (also, the company might start producing the same packaging in bulk for selling purposes in the future, who knows, right?). 

Virus-Resistant Packaging

Everyone knows how the pandemic has put us in our homes and people are extremely scared of touching anything. They are wearing gloves all the time and keep washing hands time after time if they share the surfaces or products. To be honest, the concerns keep increasing and it has resulted in the companies developing products that provide peace of mind to the customers, such as opting for virus-resistance clothing. 

For the same reason, the packaging professionals are innovating and getting creative to design the custom product boxes with virus-resistant design. It’s needless to say that so many people touch the products, such as logistics staff, cashiers, customers, sales floor personnel, and more. It really means that the products are passed along to different people. For this reason, a recent partnership has emerged between Touchguard and DS Smith. 

According to this partnership, a virus-resistance corrugated packaging has been created with which the packaging can fight the bacteria and the viruses won’t replicate on the packaging surfaces. In particular, this packaging is designed to have a 99.5% of kill rate within a time span of twenty-five minutes, hence reducing the chances of transferring the infections. That being said, the packaging companies are highly likely to start investing in virus-resistant packaging to ensure the viruses don’t spread on the products. 

Replacing The Corrugated Shrink Wraps 

For everyone who has in-depth knowledge about packaging, they would know that there are multiple corrugated materials that can be used as secondary packaging. For instance, the secondary packaging has the capacity to hold multiple product units at a time, such as bottles. In addition, secondary packaging aids in an efficient product distribution and manufacturing while ensuring the product isn’t taken out from the container. 

When it comes down to secondary packaging, it offers multiple marketing opportunities if it’s designed with a brand-centric strategy in mind. The companies are researching how they can reduce the utilization of disposable plastic packaging, particularly when the consumer base has become conscious about plastic ending up in landfills and oceans. That being said, the corrugated drink holders can answer the question through TopClip. 

According to this initiative, the carbon footprint will be reduced by an average of 30%. In addition, it is completely recyclable and there are multiple cutouts that can help with easy product transit and carrying. For the most part, this alternative is great for the beer companies and it can be modified for other products as well, inclusive of yogurt. 

Packaging With Sustainability Adjectives 

When we look at the global level, the cities, countries, and states have set some amazing goals for reducing carbon emissions, and for the same reason, they have boosted the recycling rates. This is because they want to bring positive changes to the planet. That being said, corrugated packaging is a great way of achieving this milestone. For instance, reusable plastic corrugated packaging is available which can be recycled. 

In addition, some companies are using old plastic bottles to design reusable packaging boxes as well as shoes, how versatile is that? The second example is FoodTray which is made with the combination of plastic film for sealing and corrugated cardboard for the box which has the capacity to deliver meals and food (even this packaging is made with 80% of recycled materials). In addition, it is designed to offer one-handed opening and closing for customers’ ease. 

Now that the global community is working on sustainable packaging, there are higher chances that such innovations will keep on rising and it’s a good sign to protect the planet. Also, if the material can be recycled, there are higher chances that it will be integrated into the regular usage of the products. So, the future is bright and sustainable!