The Five Main Reasons Interior Designers Prefer Bespoke Window Dressings
August 08, 2022

The Five Main Reasons Interior Designers Prefer Bespoke Window Dressings

There are many reasons an interior designer will prefer to work on something completely custom-made for you and your home, instead of opting for a standard readymade window dressing that has been replicated hundreds of times. 

Interior designers are fans of unique projects, especially when they involve a range of fabrics and styles. They love the chance to get their creative juices flowing, and will help you create some magnificent bespoke window dressings for your property. 

Let’s have a look at the top reasons interior designers prefer to work on a custom-made window dressing. 

It Allows Your Personality To Shine Through

Opting for a bespoke window dressing is the best way for your personality and style to be emulated in the window treatments you choose. You’ll get to work with the interior designer to select the best fabrics and designs for the window, meaning the interior designer gets to understand who you are and can create a window treatment tailored to your own style and personality. 

Interior designers love doing this, because it means every job is unique. Ready-made window dressings are the same, and can be bland compared to a luxurious bespoke window dressing. 

Also, when readymade window dressings are created, they have to appeal to a wide selection of people in order to be viable. Your bespoke window dressing only has to appeal to you, so it can be whatever you like. 

Superior Design and Quality Than Ready Made Window Dressings

When you choose to work with an interior designer on a bespoke window dressing, you’ll get access to a range of more opulent and luxurious curtain fabrics than the standard supply. That means the fabrics will be of a higher quality, and have a more distinguished design. 

Interior designers are also experts on fabric and style, so once they understand your personal quirks, they can make recommendations to you based on this to create a display that conveys exactly what you want. A higher quality fabric can have more intricate designs, or a more vibrant colour than you’ll find in a standard readymade option. 

When you’ve got a superior fabric, that also means it’ll last longer and be less subject to wear and tear. It’s something to consider when you’re considering upgrading your window dressings, you want them to last as long as possible. 

Tailored To Your Home

When you decide to choose a bespoke window dressing, you’ll get one that’s completely tailored to the design in your home already, and will compliment the rest of the space perfectly. Interior designers love working from a brief, so they’ll get to know the surroundings and create a custom-made window dressing to your specifications and based on the home requirements. 

It could involve using heavy curtains for a cosy and luxurious living space, or bespoke blinds paired up with sheer curtains for a chic and contemporary feel. The choice is yours. You can choose the style and design, from the fabric, to the size, right down to the curtain or blind style. 

Any reputable interior designer will work closely with you throughout the entire project to see your vision come to life.

Interior designers love working on projects that are tricky, so they’ll enjoy sourcing the right materials and sizes for any unusual window sizes you have. You’ll get the perfect fit for your window, no matter what blind or curtain style you opt for. 

Allows For Creativity

This has to be the top reason interior designers prefer to create a custom made window dressing. They get the chance to be creative and innovative with the pattern, style, and design. Interior designers got into the job because they want to create distinctive spaces and work on visionary concepts. 

If you give them the chance to use their own creativity, you’ll be pleased with the results you get. 

Wrapping Up

Bespoke window dressings are the perfect opportunity to inject a bit of your personality into your property, and choosing an excellent interior designer means they will offer advice, make recommendations, and help you choose from a range of designs and styles. 

When you opt for a custom window treatment, you give the interior designer a chance to show you the range of luxurious fabrics and styles you can choose from to create something truly unique and magnificent for your home. Plus, the more superior fabrics will last longer and appear more vibrant than a standard readymade window treatment.