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The Best High Voltage Test Equipment

The demand for electricity keeps on rising as the global population grows. The industrial sphere has developed, triggering an insatiable need for high voltage systems. Electricians have to up their game and invest in the best VLF testing equipment or get phased out.

The Best High Voltage Test Equipment

What Is High Voltage Testing?

Electric current beyond  1000 Volts AC or 1500 Volts DC is high voltage. Any electricity is dangerous, but HV systems are more dangerous due to their capacity. These systems are common in electricity distribution networks. In these systems, it’s normal to find an 11000 to 40000 VAC line. HV systems exist in power generation plants, rails, refineries, electric rails, e.t.c. A slight mess with such levels may lead to instant death.

So, high voltage testing is the process of qualifying a device to operate within its rated power capacity. The test involves a thorough test of the system’s insulation to verify its effectiveness. The test applied should confirm the capacity that the target system can withstand.

High Voltage Test Equipment

A Batemans Bay electrician needs to have specific tools and devices to conduct any type of high voltage test. The testing devices aim to verify the functionalities of HV systems using different targets and techniques. Generally, the target is to test the effectiveness of the insulation and if it poses a danger to users and equipment. Below is a list of some of the best high voltage test equipment.

Megger DigiPHONE+ Surge Wave Receiver

The Megger DigiPHONE+ Surge Wave Receiver is a device used to test underground cable faults in high voltage networks. The device integrates electromagnetic and audio to produce simplified color displayed results. The Megger DigiPHONE+ Surge Wave Receiver does not produce irritating audio like its competitors. Instead, the device filters out all unnecessary noise to ensure that you only hear the fault undisturbed.

To give you a clear view of the results, this device comes with a high-quality display panel that is readable under bright sunlight. It also features automatic adjustment for all parameters making it easy to use for everyone. The device has high ground stability of up to 45 degrees and indicates measurements in both meters and feet. Its compass feature helps the user locate a fault easily, while the automatic mute protects the ears from damage. The Megger DigiPHONE+ Surge Wave Receiver is a true game-changer in its category.

Dilog DL9063 5KV Insulation Resistance Tester

The Dilog DL9063  is a high voltage cable insulation resistance testing device. Additionally, Dilog DL9063 can indicate the output and discharge voltage. This portable device is simple to use and can test a wide variety of high voltage electrical equipment. Its insulation resistance testing levels range between 0.05-60.00GΩ.

The device can withstand systems up to 5kV with  500 Volts, 1000 Volts, 2500 Volts, and 5000 Volts ranges. Dilog DL9063 has a large 6000 count liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, displaying results in either digital or bar graph forms. The Dilog DL9063 has a robust build that can withstand the pressures that come with electrical field projects.

HVPD PDS Insight 2 Portable On-line PD Detector With Tablet

The HVPD PDS Insight 2 Portable On-line PD Detector is a high voltage electrical testing device. It is commonly used by line and substation maintenance teams to verify access safety. The device can reliably test transformers, cables, and switch gears. This happens before maintenance technicians can touch them.

This handheld device is ergonomically designed and highly portable. It has an inbuilt LCD screen, and it’s bundled with an optional 10 inch Android tablet. The tablet comes with a preinstalled HVPD’s OLPD Manager Application that analyzes data. The application can generate interactive charts from the data and export them into reports.

This device has internal storage but can transfer data to the tablet through Bluetooth. The HVPD PDS Insight 2 is a worthy companion in the prevention of power outages and in-service failures.

TestSafe TS-HV11 High Voltage Personal Detector

Technicians who work on high voltage equipment or installations like electric railways have to be cautious. Their work revolves around high-risk areas, and a minor miscalculation or human error may lead to loss of life.

The TestSafe TS-HV11 is a device designed to detect and alert the user of the presence of high voltage lines. If you approach a high voltage line while wearing the device, it emits a flashing LED light and a warning alarm sound. It’s compact, comfortable to wear while working, and lightweight. The TestSafe TS-HV11 has a battery that lasts up to 50 hours and can detect AC high voltage from any system. This device is a lifesaver for those working in a risky high voltage environment.

We have highlighted various types of HV testing devices that help technicians at different levels. This review will help you identify some of the best HV testing equipment and devices. These devices help in making work easier and giving safety assurance to electrical industry workers.