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The Benefits of Using a Screen Protector on Your iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is a highly sophisticated device that requires a lot of protection. Even though it is more expensive than ever, it could still be damaged. The most common damage to iPhones includes cracks and scratches on the screen.

Choosing a screen protector is important in keeping your Apple devices safe and looking nice. There are many factors to consider when choosing one for your phone, so we’ve compiled a handy checklist to help you choose your ideal iPhone 13 screen protector and the benefits of using one.  

Are Screen Protectors Necessary?

Since we’re not all billionaires, and since iPhone 13 isn’t cheap, we recommend that you apply a screen protector to your phone. Putting a screen protector on your phone is an investment to keep in mind because it’ll make life so much more comfortable. 

Not only will your phone be protected from scratches, but you won’t have to worry about any annoying debris or dirt under your screen protector and the potential to damage it. Don’t risk it!

However, if your phone is already damaged and you’re looking to upgrade, you could sell & trade in your phone online and get a new one faster.

4 Benefits of Using a Screen Protector

If you spend as much time in front of your phone, protecting it from damaging elements makes sense. Sometimes, these damaging elements aren’t exactly the type of thing you can see. That’s where a screen protector comes in. Here are some of the benefits of using one. 

Enhances Privacy

Privacy screen protectors make it easier to keep your personal information private by blocking the view of others when using your cell phone. When looking at your phone straight on, only you can see the information on the screen; when you tilt it at an angle, however, strangers can see its contents in full color. 

Provides Protection

A screen protector is a must-have accessory to protect your smartphone’s screen. It will help prevent tiny scratches and dust particles from damaging your device, keeping your phone looking new for longer.

Using a screen protector can help you avoid damage that could occur if your phone falls. This doesn't mean it will protect against every type of fall and may not protect against scratches if your smartphone is dropped, but it will help minimize the risk of scratches.

Fingerprint Resistant

Keep your screen clean and fingerprint-free with anti-fingerprint screen protectors made from a lipophobic coating. The results: Almost invisible fingerprints and an even smoother, more scratch-resistant surface.


Screen protectors can help you avoid bacteria and wear on your iPhone 13’s screen. Your phone's glass is exposed to a lot of dirt and germs. Even if you keep it clean, those germs can build up. Screen protectors feature antimicrobial properties that kill all the germs, dust, and grime sticking to your screen. In that way, you don't have to worry about getting sick when using your Apple device. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Screen Protector

With so many options out in the market, choosing the right screen protector for your device can be tricky. You should keep these things in mind when choosing the right one.


It is important to purchase a screen protector that fits perfectly on your device. You need to know that the screen protector you buy needs to be safe, practical, and well made. A screen protector begins its lifespan when installed correctly and without too much pressure. If you want to protect your iPhone 13 from damage, we recommend purchasing a tempered glass that fits snugly on the device.


Several screen protectors on the market today have various features, prices, and functions. Some are just made to protect your phone's screen without other features. Others might include scratch protection and shock resistance, an invisible display, or added protection for your camera lens when taking pictures. Try not to get confused with all this added functionality as some came with additional costs too.

Degree of Durability

How long your screen protector will last depends on its quality. A good quality glass would last longer than a poor quality one that is inferior to its price range. Its thickness, level of hardness, and anti-fingerprint properties also make it more durable.


iPhone 13 screen protectors are made from glass, plastic, or film, depending on their price range. Because the material that is used impacts the price of your phone case, it’s important to consider what kind of protector you're buying and how it’s made when making this decision.

Screen protectors are easy to apply and can offer protection against scratches, marks, and minor damage to your phone. Protect your investment by choosing a screen protector made with material appropriate for your phone.


Most modern smartphones come with glass screens, making it impossible to protect them without a screen protector. Whether you want to use a screen protector as an additional layer of protection in addition to your phone case or as an alternative to using one, they’re worth considering.


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