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The 3 Ways To Get Off The Beaten Path When You Go Camping

Camping is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy the quiet splendor of it all. However, many campgrounds have pitches right on top of each other so you end up feeling crowded. There is a better way to camp and truly get off the beaten path by going wild camping.

This is when you find a secluded spot in the middle of nature with nobody around. You can hike into the woods with your gear and set up camp. Or, you can take your campervan and find someplace remote to boondock. In this article, we will go over what you need to do to truly get off the beaten path and go wild camping.

1 - Bring the power

A solar system with a power station is a great way to go. In a camper this is great to have since you otherwise would have to run your engine for hours to keep the power on. With a solar panel system with batteries like the Delta Max you can have hours with the lights on and plenty of power for your devices.

Whether you find yourself in a tent or a campervan, having power to stay comfortable is essential. You’ll need to power your devices and have a way to stay connected even though you are going out of the way and off the beaten path.

In a tent, you can carry a very small portable solar panel system that is powerful enough to keep your devices charged so you always have a GPS to use or a phone to call for emergencies.

2 - Do your research

Wild camping doesn’t mean that you can set up camp wherever you like. You have to find areas where it is allowed. Otherwise you could end up on private property and face some consequences. In your caper, you could find yourself getting fined if you park in a place where it is not allowed.

Make sure to look into places where it is allowed to camp and where you are not going to be on private property. The first step is to pick an area where you would want to camp. You'll want to read about the best van campgrounds in your local area, check rules on national park camping, and research online about campervan travel blogs where people share their camping experiences. Then look into the local regulations. You can even call the authorities in that jurisdiction and ask them specifically if it's allowed.

3 - Leave it cleaner than you found it

One of the most important principles when wild camping is to leave no trace of your presence there. It is very important to clean up after yourself. In fact, it is better to leave the area where you camped cleaner than it was when you got there.

This will ensure that you have been a good steward of the land. Campers have a responsibility that is greater than other people since you are the ones in direct contact with nature. You can see the effects of not taking care of the land better than anybody. This is a good way to make sure that campers are seen as a force for good.