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Switching to Castor Oil for Hair Fall Control?

Have you ever thought about why so many people complain about having hair problems? Some of you may argue that the excessive pollution all around does not let your hair be strong. While this is true, you also need to look at your lifestyle. Are you following a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals?

Are you getting adequate sleep? Are you sure you are not stressed out? Yes, these are valid problems too that may result in hair problems in the long run. And, to combat the same, your need to update your hair care regimen in such a way that the hair fall control products work.  

Hair Fall Control – Which Product is the Best?

To take care of your hair in a better way, you might have explored various options and tried out different hair fall control products. However, had they been suitable for you, your problems would not have persisted. Thus, to ensure that you get the best out of your hair care regimen, we would like to suggest a hair fall control product that can add excellent value to your hair care routine.

That product is none other than castor oil or arandi oil. If you browse online or shop for it in a retail store, you will be amazed by the sheer number of options available. There are too many brands selling this oil, and it is often next to impossible to select one if you do not know what to look for in the product.

Thus, let us take you down the lane and help you understand how this oil can be a game-changer in your hair fall control kit. Followed by this, we will guide you to pick up the best one based on your hair type.

Castor Oil (Arandi Oil) –Composition and Benefits:

Let us look at what this age-old ingredient beholds.

  • Arandi Oil is the Indian name for castor oil. This is known as one of the most suitable for hair growth ingredients, and its fame has been profound for centuries. The present-day formula for hair fall control has been derived from its profoundness.
  • Before you buy this oil, you should ensure that it has been extracted from cold-pressed castor seeds. This will ensure that you reap maximum benefits and retain authenticity for superior hair fall control.
  • Castor seeds are rich in antioxidants. In addition, they offer anti-inflammatory 
  • Castor oil has a rich presence of Vitamin E in its natural form and essential fatty acids like Omega-6, Omega-9, and Ricinoleic Acid.
  • The presence of Omega-9 fatty acid makes the hair healthy in terms of texture and works towards preventing premature greying of hair. In addition, this component helps you have shinier and stronger hair.
  • Castor oil nourishes the scalp. It increases blood circulation and creates a gentle and nourishing environment for faster hair growth.
  • Castor oil creates a suitable scalp environment for hair growth and transfuses adequate moisture to the hair roots. With the scalp being completely nourished, the probability of dryness is reduced. This leads to the eradication of dandruff and falling skin flakes eventually.
  • When you massage your scalp with castor oil, you may get rid of split ends and frequent breaking too. It gently nurtures your hair and strengthens them to look better prepared for external factors like pollution and the sun’s UV radiation. This ensures that breakage is prevented. At the same time, your hair gets an opportunity to grow faster.

How to buy the best castor oil?

It is not easy to select the best quality of this oil for the sheer number of options that brands offer. That is why one should buy hair fall control oil from a brand that offers products without harmful chemicals or toxins. Choosing such a product will help you get the best benefits of castor oil for regular usage.

This tip works whether you are buying the oil online or offline. In addition, here are some other key factors that you may follow to choose the right one for your hair.

  • Choose natural ingredients always: Before you buy a bottle of castor oil, you should read the product description well. Then, buy only the cold-pressed form of castor oil so that the ingredient's nutritional value is well-restored in the formula. For example, relying on the goodness of nature in it would make your hair better, longer, and shinier.
  • Discard products containing harmful chemicals: If you come across chemicals like parabens, ammonia, silicones, and more in the product description, you need to take a step back. These harmful chemicals can destroy your hair and make you regret falling prey to these wicked components.
  • Ignore adulterated products: If you come across a scented product or one that looks very appealing, you might as well take a U-turn. Buying a product based for its fragrance or color is not the best way out. These adulterations can dilute or even reduce the benefits you could have received from using a genuine product.
  • Check if the product is safe: You surely do not want to end up with rashes and allergies for using an incorrect product. You do not even want to incur other adverse effects. Thus, check if the bottle of castor oil has been dermatologically tested for assuring quality. Along with clinical testing, if the product is accompanied by a safety certification from a recognized body like the MadeSafe Certification, you should go ahead and place your order.
  • Read Online Reviews: Last but not least, you should find out what users say about the product. For this, feel free to read blogs and online reviews on e-commerce portals or company websites. This will help you drive your buying decision.

Summing up

Well, then, you must be feeling excited to upgrade your hair care plan with Mamaearth Hair Fall Control Kit and add supporting hair oil to your hair care routine. If you are ready to explore the benefits and need further product recommendations, why don’t you check out what Mamaearth has to offer?

Based on our experience, we loved the cold-pressed castor oil formula from Mamaearth and other ancillary products in the haircare range. So do check them out, transform your hair care routine, and get ready to flaunt your healthy, long, and radiant hair always without styling it at the salon!