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Surrogacy Cost Georgia and Top Facts

Surrogacy Cost Georgia and Top Facts

Partners who are physically unable to have babies regularly read about such a procedure as surrogacy. If in some countries, it is a standard and deprived of complexity process, Europe comes with restrictions toward it. Yet, Georgia, the same as Ukraine, is considered one of the most favorable for surrogacy countries, as well as affordable. If you are willing to find a surrogate in Georgia, learn the facts and costs involved.

What Stands Behind Surrogacy in Georgia?

First off, to proceed with surrogacy, you have to do it all through a trustworthy designated agency. Looking ahead, you may try out the services of WCOB surrogacy in Georgia, a company that helps couples become parents without any legal issues.

Secondly, you should understand that surrogacy in Georgia is legal only for married couples. This program was first legalized back in the 1990s as well as egg donation, and sperm donation. If you manage to find an agency and are married to your partner, half of the deal is done.

How about selection? A surrogate mother should meet certain criteria to be eligible for the program. She agrees to gestational surrogacy which predetermines that she won’t have any genetic link to the future newborn. After that, she agrees to sign all necessary documents to confirm she won’t have any legal maternal claims after the delivery. As for the age of the surrogate, a woman should be between 21-41 years.

Please, note, Georgia does not accept gay/LGBT surrogacy. So, if you are a representative of this group, you can use the World Center of Baby with their best programs where it is legal - including Colombia and Mexico. Now, let’s move to the surrogacy cost Georgia.

  • The cost of surrogacy will greatly depend on several factors. It may be a price dictated by the doctor’s experience, clinic location with all its fees as well as medications a surrogate mom will take to keep your body healthy for the delivery of a baby;
  • Then, the price will greatly depend on the agency where potential dad and mom will refer to the surrogacy pregnancy program. With World Center of Baby, you have the opportunity to access the affordable cost and pay for the procedure in instalments;
  • Generally speaking, surrogate mother Georgia search and the whole process may take from you $30K-$40K on average which is pretty much, but affordable compared to the USA pricing policy. Unfortunately, there won’t be any discounts, but you will be offered various pricing plans.

Either by using World Center of Baby, or other perfect agencies for future moms and men who wish to become parents with their partners, they should always get a full estimate of the procedure. After that, remember that upon coming back to your country with a child, you will face additional charges. Have a free consultation with an agency first, agree on the best match of a surrogate mother, and proceed with some nuances regarding the legal aspect.