Comics are narratives or expressions visualised with text and speech balloons. They follow a pattern of illustrations as a medium of story-telling. Captain America was the first fictional superhero film made.

It is highly worshipped by those who are innate comic book fans. With the incessant need to resonate with your favorite superhero, fans buy captain America jacket. A multitude of actors have played the role. But Steve Rogers has really made an impression encouraging people to buy captain America jackets.


The emergence of comics has seen a vivid path. By the 20th century they had gained significant gravity, especially in the United States. By the 1930s Europe really came to recognise triumphant strips like Adventures of Tintin. The occurrence of newspapers was the height of everything for the United States. They really popularized comic strips.

Even though the term comics has been derived from comic which means hilarious, an astronomical number of these comics are non-humorous.

Hokusai, a Japanese artist coined the term manga for comic books and cartoons. (19th century).

America witnessed an influx of 40 artists and 50 publishers working towards comics. This was the Golden Age of Comics. Superheroes were the crux of this genre.

The rise of comic books in the 1930’s was followed by Action Comics that lead to the creation of Superhero.

In the UK, DC Thompson cultivated Dandy and Beano, both of which were incredibly successful. Their genre was humor and sold over 2 million copies by 1950.


We are all well aware of the growing importance of comics. Let us dwell into the whys. We have crossed over the reading phase and became engrossed with Superhero movies. These are characters and stories personified from the texts of comic books.

People usually get carried away in a land of fiction and fantasy, getting swept up with the creative visuals. It is the perfect retreat to cut off from the reality of life for a limited time. Some people view it for the sake of rapid consumption and some are driven by the love of characters.

Being caught up in a whimsical world that is free of government and other life constraints, people feel like they can right their wrongs. These movies are shown in an optimistic light where bettering the world is a key function.

In Spite of looking juvenile they actually have a stronger connotation that goes beyond the visuals. An example would be Spider man. In spite of undergoing rampant bullying, he rises above, as the apple of everyone’s eye.

These are some of the attractive points for the public. It makes them feel like you alone can guide your life in the desired direction.

Even with their larger-than-life costumes and appearances there is a striking confidence in these superheroes. It is a graphic unspoken language about their true identity and disposition. This often instills a wish of being sure of themselves even in the viewers eyes.


The most popularly followed superhero films fall under these two labels. We will now establish what distinguishes them:

Marvel comics

  1. It has a deeper root to reality where the actors are fighting for the welfare of familiar cities. Eg. New York, Washington D.C.
  2. They showcase the possession of powers to be a burden for the superhero. Eg: Spiderman.
  3. Marvel characters are realistic and undergo major occurrences for the possession of their powers.
  4. They are inclined towards humour and discourage the notion of taking things too seriously. Eg: Deadpool

DC Comics

  1. DC narrows its focus to a more fictional setting enabling the superhero to be in a complete state of fantasy. Eg: Gotham from Batman.
  2. Superheroes usually treat and welcome their powers.
  3. Characters are usually inherently born with their powers or acquire them at a young age.
  4. Their films lean into more darker elements. Eg: Suicide Squad.


Although there are different genres in comics, they are still prevalently admired. People of all age groups and demographics are impartial to their sentiment towards comics. It is not perceived as something childish and does not come along with any judgments.

It is riveting for people who can set aside the practicality in life and give themselves that wiggle room. Those of them suffering from low self-esteem and confidence issues can deeply resonate with these movies. Not only do they provide the benefit of the doubt but also provide altering life scenarios.