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Stop Hair Loss: FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Although the most of the prevalent aesthetics concerns are related to human body and face, hair loss problem is also a very important condition that causes partial or full baldness which is a very common cosmetic problem especially for men.

While the treatment ways are various, not every treatment for hair loss gives permanent, satisfactory, accurate, personalized, or in short, effective results that is found successful by the patients. As the prevalence of this cosmetic problem is very high around the world, it is a relief that FUE Hair Transplant Turkey treatment options suffices all these criteria and is able to provide patients with the amazing and lifelong hair transplant results.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss Problem

Human body is an active mechanism; while there are high number of reasons for hair loss in both men and women, the most common one is the hormones.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss, usually referred as male pattern hair loss, that causes hair fall around the front part of the scalp as well as the top point of the head. Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by the DHI hormone; this type of hair loss usually hereditary and progressive. Usually, hair loss starts as receding hair line and progresses through the back of the head; however, it can also appear in other patterns though it is rare.

Androgenetic Alopecia can be very successfully treated with FUE Hair Transplant Turkey; as the treatment is able to provide amazing outcomes for the most commonly seen hair loss type, it is equally successful for other types of hair loss such as Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, Anagen Effluvium and many other.

Hair Loss Treatments Other Than FUE Hair Transplant

It is very common for hair loss patients to seek for alternative treatment ways before having Hair Transplant Turkey treatments.

One of the most commonly tried hair loss solution is the natural oils and vitamins; as it is known for some herbs and some types of vitamins are effective on the healthy growth of hair, these are quite popular among those who suffer from hair loss problem. However, these products may not be suitable for anybody and can only provide temporary solutions on most of the people. Therefore, they are not suitable for all types of hair loss problems and should not be used without consulting a specialist.

Other popular ways for treating hair loss is the medication; medication treatment for hair loss can give acceptable results for some patients, however, the positive effects usually disappear after patient stop using them. That is why, medication treatment is not suitable for those looking for lifelong results.

Another alternative for FUE Hair Transplant Turkey treatment is artificial hair products like wigs or toupees; these are not able to provide patients with natural appearance of hair and they are only convenient for those looking for temporary results.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure of FUE Hair Transplant technique at Mono Clinic is not painful or uncomfortable for patients at all; the procedure is performed by using local anesthesia and thus patients do not feel anything throughout the operation.

FUE hair transplant involves collecting grafts from certain suitable parts of the scalp which is mostly the back of the scalp due to the strong and resistant hair follicles there. After collecting enough number of grafts, they are transplanted to the areas where the hair loss occurs. The size of this areas is determinant on the number of the grafts to be involved in the procedure together with the desired density.

FUE hair transplant does not involve any skin extraction; the follicles are collected one by one. Thanks to the technique, amazing hair transplant results can be achieved without any scar.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Advantages

FUE is a very smooth and advanced procedure that offers hair loss patients not only very successful results but also a quite smooth and painless procedure. FUE method is not performed by strip technique like in FUT; so FUE does not leave any scar behind which lead for more aesthetic and natural hair transplant results.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey results are lifelong; with a procedure performed by a fully qualified and experienced specialist, the results are very natural and permanent.

FUE method can be used to cover scars; with this technique grafts can be transplanted on to the scar tissue if it is found suitable by the specialist and thus the scar tissue can be concealed behind the follicles.

As the procedure is very easy and smooth, it enables patients who would like to have also other operations like plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry or obesity treatments to combine their hair transplant with other procedures and save both time and money.

Obesity Surgery Turkey Prices

For those who would like to combine their hair transplant procedures with gastric sleeve Turkey treatments, a detailed medical journey planning is necessary; after assessment of patient’s condition for both treatments by the specialists, a treatment package price can be discussed.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Prices

Turkey preserves its top places among countries that are famous for their advantageous hair transplants. In Turkey, the most commonly used technique for hair transplants is FUE which is the latest and the most advanced technique so far.

The reason why Turkey is popular for the best hair transplants around the world in the amazing results and the most affordable packages prices for the treatments. Combining these with the tourist attraction that are very widespread around the country, FUE Hair Transplant Turkey offer international patients a nice holiday besides an amazing hair transplant operation.

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Recovery

Recovery period of FUE hair transplant is very easy and comfortable for patients; as the operation does not involve any stitches, the healing progresses quite fast and smooth.

Patients should be careful with the post-operative instructions given by their doctor to support their healing and results. The final results of FUE hair transplant can be achieved a year after the operation; during this time, it is quite common and natural to experience shock loss which is a period that the transplant hair sheds for a while but then grows back again. Patients should be aware that this process is normal and does not affect their results.

Mono Clinic in Turkey is very happy to offer international patients the cheapest FUE Hair Transplant results thanks to the very talented and experienced hair transplant doctors and the most developed treatment techniques; if you would like to stop hair loss with FUE Hair Transplant Turkey, please get in touch with Mono and start your journey.

Stop Hair Loss: FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Stop Hair Loss: FUE Hair Transplant Turkey