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Spot Your Angel Number & Decipher Its Meaning

These mystical numbers arouse curiosity about what the Universe has to tell you. If you have a clear idea of angel number meaning, they can provide you with precious guidance and foresight in the future. There are a lot of mysterious and intriguing numbers, but not many people know that each individual has their own angel number that has a direct impact on their fate and life circumstances. In this article, we will explain everything about numbers that feel spiritually significant to you and will help you find out your angel number. Keep reading as an angel is working on your behalf!

Spot Your Angel Number & Decipher Its Meaning

What Are Angel Numbers?

These numbers come in all imaginable forms and shapes: You can see them on your phone display, on clocks, in emails, addresses, or in the lyrics of a song occasionally heard on the street. These special numbers are believed to represent a spiritual message from your guardian angel. They usually show up in repetitive strings such as 11:11, 13:13, 7.77, etc. Though the majority of people believe these numbers come directly from their heavenly supervisors, there are other guesses as well:

  • God;
  • The Universe;
  • A loved one who has passed away;
  • A higher version of your true self.

If you don’t perceive them as a mere coincidence, these numbers can help you communicate with your angels or whatever force you believe in. This knowledge can help you get through the rocky times or comfort you that you are on the right path. Thus angel numbers often pop up in moments of doubt or confusion related to which choices you should make next.

Personal Angel Number: How to Find Yours?

Each sequence of numbers bears a different meaning and vibrations. Your angel number is one that you feel is spiritually meaningful to you. It is often associated with your name or birthday. However, since this number jumps out to you occasionally, you don’t need to search for it specifically. All you have to do is to be attentive enough to notice it when your angel decides it’s high time to send you a message from above. Here are the “dos” you can follow to find this positive and supportive sign.

Notice repetitive number combinations that frequently show up 

Pay attention to the clock on your phone, receipts, street numbers, and the like: Any of them can be proof of an angel sign. For example, you wake up in the morning at 7:77, spend $77.77 in the store, and get 7 unanswered calls on the phone. Thus you can claim that 7 is your angel number.

Use your birthdate to calculate your angel number

It’s an easy method that can help you guess your angel number. Sum all the digits in your birthdate. If the total is a double-digit indicator, add the two last digits together. You will end up with your angel number. For instance, you were born on August 12, 1985. Write out your birthday numerically as 12081985 and add all the numbers together (1+2+0+8+1+9+8+5), which will give you 34. Add 3 and 4 together, and you’ll get your angel number of 7.

Calculate it based on your name

Write down numbers to each letter of the alphabet in a row, with A coming for 1 and Z defining 26. Sum up the digits that relate to your first, middle, and last name. If you receive a more-than-one-digit number, add the remaining digits individually to find out your personal angel number. In the end, you should have a single-digit number.

Let’s suppose your name is Mia Sophia Young. You’d add up your name as 13+9+1+19+15+16+8+9+1+25+15+21+14+7, creating a total of 173. Then add 1+7+3 together, which will give you 11. Add 1+1 together, giving you an angel number of 2.

Most Common Angel Numbers You Might See

If you ever find yourself at a crossroads in life, knowing the meaning of the common angel numbers can help you make the right decision. Here are the popular digit sequences the Universe sends to those who are ready to listen.


Three ones are an energy sequence. It symbolizes creation and new beginnings and means that your angels are supporting the goals you have set. Numerologists say this combination is extremely powerful and fosters a person to leave all their worries in the past and move on in life.


Though this digit sequence initially refers to “farming,” in everyday life, it means that you’re on the right path and should keep investing your time and effort into relationships, finances, and career to get a fruitful outcome. If “222” follows you wherever you go, it might also mean that some aspect of your life requires to be tended to. 


If you keep seeing these numbers, your angels show you they are behind your back. They have heard your earthly requests and prayers and want to let you know they will help you get the desired. 


This angel number symbolizes spiritual rebirth. It usually pops up when you’re looking for a strong connection with the high version of yourself. It is a lucky sign that you are on your way to spiritual fulfillment and inner harmony. 


Three nines refer to the end of the cycle. Your angels point out that it is high time for you to move forward and implement a new idea into life. It is a divine reminder that you’ve come too far to leave things to their own, thus encouraging you to complete the current goal.

Angel Numbers: Discover Yours

If you see a certain number at an important moment in your life several times in a row, this isn’t likely to be a mere coincidence. Even ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, believed and studied numbers and their spiritual effect on life. Some sequences occur more frequently than others, but there is also the angel number you can calculate based on your full name, birth date, or spot it in your everyday life circumstances. Choose your method to connect to the divine and build a healthy spiritual connection with your heavenly guardians.