Snap Frames: How Do They Work and What Are Their Differences?
September 16, 2021

Snap Frames: How Do They Work and What Are Their Differences?

Snap frames are a type of display that has become extremely popular in recent years. It is a frame that snaps apart to create an open-faced portrait format. This design allows the user to change the picture without having to swap out the frame. Snap frames are commonly used for photographs but may also be used as a promotional tool or for various business cards or business information. Snap frames can be purchased in any frame store. They come in a range of colours, sizes, and finishes, so there is usually something to fit any taste. This post will look at the differences between the different styles of snap frames and how they work.

Snap Frames: How Do They Work and What Are Their Differences?

What Are Snap Frames?

Snap frames are small picture frame models that hang on the wall in a variety of different styles. The most basic styles are aluminium or chrome-plated brass; however, you can add some style with wooden-look frames or even glass displays. There is a wide range of options when it comes to snap frames, including sizes (24x36", 20x30", etc.) and price ranges (under $15, under $40, etc.) Snap frames are trendy for commercial settings because their design allows them to hold posters and advertisements more securely in place. In addition, this frame style allows more light to pass through the frames, which is also an improvement over standard picture frames.

How Do Snap Frames Work?

Snap frames work in a very simple way. The picture is set behind a clear piece of glass or plastic that's held inside a metal casing. Snap frames require no additional wall mounting tools because they mount directly to the wall bracket that comes with them. However, some models come with wall mounts available for purchase or can be easily installed with simple tools, such as pliers. Snap frames are usually hung on the wall using a metal hanging bracket built into the frame itself. These brackets allow snap frames to hang without needing any extra tools to mount them.

Different Types of Snap Frames

There are three different types of snap frames: aluminium, wooden-look, and glass. Each type has its unique benefits.

Snap Frame Styles: Aluminum

Snap frame styles that have a metallic backing are typically made out of either aluminium or chrome-plated brass. These frames usually come in black or silver and are extremely lightweight, making it easy to hang them on the wall without any additional support (nails, screws, etc.) In addition, because the metal is so thin, these styles of snap frames are some of the least expensive options if you're looking for a budget solution.

Snap Frame Styles: Wooden-Look

These snap frames are designed to look like natural wood, with fake groves and a varnished finish. The finish is designed to give these frames a look and feel of a real wooden frame, even though they're made of a hard composite. These wooden snaps are perfect for offices and retail stores where you want the look of natural wood on an affordable budget. However, because they're made of a composite, these snap frames are not as durable as aluminium snap frames.

Snap Frame Styles: Glass

As an alternative to metal styles, glass snap frames are also available. Like the other designs, glass display models come in black or white finish options with various frame sizes and a glass front. The most significant difference, of course, is that these frames are made out of real glass and use a traditional frame to hold the poster or advertisement in place.

Because these frames are made out of glass, they tend to be more fragile and require more care than the other styles. They're also not as lightweight as the metal snap frames, so you may need to mount them using a small amount of support (nails or screws).

What Are Good Uses For Snap Frames?

Snap frames are an ideal choice for commercial and retail spaces that require a lightweight frame to hang posters, advertisements, and other promotional material. Because these frames are so lightweight and easy to hang on the wall, they're perfect for displaying signs in offices and stores.

Snap frames are a simple, cost-effective way to display posters and promotions. They're compatible with a variety of different pictures and advertisements and are extremely easy to set up. This article has provided details on snap frame styles, how they work, and some of the best uses. So if you're looking for a new alternative to traditional picture frames, give snap frames a try. However, if you're still having trouble deciding on a style, be sure to contact a company that specializes in these types of frames for additional help and advice on finding the right display for your needs.