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Slipcovers For Ottomans How to Make

Slipcovers For Ottomans

Most modern American citizens buy ottomans as home furniture. This is not surprising, because with the help of this element mono decorate the room, it is ideal for almost any style in the interior. In general, the pouf is an ideal option for small rooms. It takes minimal space, but at the same time you can stack things in it. Today, any owner of such furniture can buy a cover, or make it with their own hands. Quality ottoman covers will help to create a bright atmosphere and raise the mood not only for the owners, but also for guests.

Immediately understand that the process of creating a protective layer for the pouf is quite a complex activity. Therefore, it is advisable first to practice, using an old cloth. In the first place, not everyone will be able to sew a perfect cover at once. Also, poufs come in different shapes (round and square), and therefore you need to take into account the peculiarities of working with these surfaces.

Making a square and round cover

If you have a need to create a square cover, you should use the following components for it:

  • Sturdy fabric with a design that evokes vivid emotions;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • A tool for marking (pencil, chalk).

Before creating a cover for a pouf, it is necessary to immediately measure all the parameters of the furniture, including the length, height and width. Next, the fabric is cut according to the given parameters. Before the sewing process, it is necessary to mark on the fabric those places where the seam will pass. To connect all the elements it is necessary to use a sewing machine. It is important in the process of creating the cover to regularly check the lines. To make the corners on the future pouf more clear, it is necessary to use a hot iron.

Once all the pieces are ready, they need to be joined together. To do this, you need to stitch four sides on top and four sides on the sides. When the work is complete, it is worthwhile to use the iron again. All in all, the cover is ready and all that remains is to try it on.

For a round-shaped cover, it is necessary to use the same materials. However, the process itself is slightly different. For example, only the height and circumference are used as parameters here. When this step is completed, you need to start cutting and then attach the finished parts to the pouf, making sure that they look perfect. Most homeowners add pockets in round slipcovers. They are needed in order to later put things there. Their number is chosen by the creator himself, depending on his preferences. 

In general, it takes a beginner about 5-6 hours to create one case. If the person will have the necessary experience, the speed of performance will be reduced.

Why do modern Americans dare to create a case on their own? There are several reasons, namely:

  • you can choose any design that the user likes, unlike branded covers, where there is a limited set of images;
  • most often this option will be much cheaper, because there is no need to pay extra for the work of specialists;
  • the ability to make decisions independently and choose the best option.

In the end, each person has to make his or her own decision. After all, and in buying ready-made covers for poufs, there are many positive aspects. They are created by real professionals who have been working in this field for many years. And experience necessarily affects quality.