Simplified New Age Bill Payments With Smartphones
June 12, 2021

Simplified New Age Bill Payments With Smartphones

At the dawn of the current century, when we were just about opening our minds to the concept of cell phones, no one could have imagined that twenty years down the line, our phones would become an inseparable part of our daily life. Today, it is so – the mobile phone for many is nothing less than a companion, by our side, in our sorrows & joys!

What evolved as a concept of making people stay connected via phones on-the-go, turned out to have more profound usefulness and utility. After all, who could have thought twenty years back that the phone would become our digital wallet in hand, helping us make and receive payments in a fraction of a minute?

The truth is that technology has become such a powerful aspect today that you can literally sit in your home and talk to people in real-time across thousands of miles away, transfer money to their accounts virtually that gets reflected in their accounts almost instantly.

And, not just that, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, most of the interfaces that we use today to conduct online tasks and activities are so intuitive and spontaneous that at times, you are left wondering at how the entity on the other side knows you so well!

One of the biggest aspects of this combination of the virtual world and smart devices like our phones is how it has made our life simpler and less stressful. Take the case of recharging your mobile phones or paying for postpaid bills. You can do all of it while watching TV or during breaks when working from home. Not just that, you could be in the car going to the office when you can use your phone to recharge and pay bills.

A smartphone with internet connectivity is all that you need

The basic and the only requirement of making payments online is that you have a smartphone where you can install a payment app and internet connection, either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. So, for example, if you are a subscriber of Airtel, one of India’s largest and premier telecom companies, you have multiple options for making Airtel bill payment. It could be your Airtel mobile postpaid connection or your landline number or Wi-Fi, or any other services that the company offers.

All you need to make the payment, besides the phone and internet, is a robust payment app that helps you get over the task within minutes. Not just speed, it is important that the app is reputed, has all the security aspects in place, and offers the convenience of making payments of all types. It could be utility bills or any other bill payments like Vodafone bill payment online, BSNL, Jio postpaid bill payment etc, DTH or landline bill payments, paying EMIs, paying for online shopping or ordering groceries, etc.

Airtel postpaid bill payment in easy steps

Airtel is owned by the telecommunication company Bharti Airtel Limited. It is headquartered in New Delhi but has its operations spread across 18 countries in the world. While it is one of the top telecom companies in India, it offers 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services in all the geographic locations where the company operates at the moment. With a customer base of 403 million (March 2019), the company is known for its power-driven and cost-effective product offerings to its subscribers.

To make bill payments of Airtel, you can download the UPI payment app offered by popular resellers or third parties. Once the download is over, you need to register with the provider and link your bank account with the interface or transfer money into the app’s digital wallet to seamlessly pay for all kinds of services that the app company facilitates. Every time payment has to be made, open the app, select the service you wish to pay for, enter your PIN and the amount and submit. It takes a few seconds to complete the entire activity.