Replace Federal Pacific Pane
July 02, 2024

Should I Replace Federal Pacific Panel From My Home?

Every homeowner sees the home as the most secure, comfortable, and safest place for the family. Imagine how you would feel if your home was at risk of a fire hazard from within the walls, which could ruin your haven within a short time, and that too without a warning.

Millions of homes with Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels face this danger as this electrical component has been surrounded by controversies for decades. We will discuss why Federal Pacific panels are unsafe and how you can make your home safer and happier by making a few changes.

Replace Federal Pacific Pane

What are Federal Pacific Electrical Panels?

FPE panels are electric breaker boxes that were introduced in the 1950s and remained exclusively popular until the 1980s. They are also known as FPE Stab-Lok breaker boxes. These panels contained distinctive Stab-Lok breakers, a design central to safety concerns. Nowadays, most people will tell you that Federal Pacific panels are unsafe due to their construction and design. 

Over the decades, it has been revealed that the Stab-Lok breakers can fail quickly due to the trip during electrical overloads or surges. You may have experienced electric fluctuation, and the breakers take up the load when there is a sudden voltage surge.

However, with the FPE panel design, the Stab-lok breaker cannot take the full load, which may cause a fire in the wires, insulation, and other components of your home's electrical wiring. The quality of the breaker matters because, unlike a properly functioning breaker, a faulty one won't cut the power, allowing excessive current to flow through the wiring. This overheating can lead to electrical fires, posing a significant threat to your home and family.

FPE Panels Testing

Many electrical engineers and electricians have tested the FPE panels. These extensive tests were independent and used the electrical safety expertise of several electricians to conclude that Federal Pacific panels are unsafe. Almost one-third of the panels tested showed hazardous breaker malfunctions during the testing. These malfunctions prevent the breakers from tripping when needed, significantly increasing the fire risk.

Moreover, several electrical engineers' studies suggest a 20% higher chance of fire in homes where Federal Pacific Electric panels were installed. Homes with functional breakers installed have a lower risk of fire or electric short-circuiting. Therefore, it was deduced that Federal Pacific panels are unsafe for homes and other constructions.

FPE and Federal Pioneer

FPE panels have been in the market since the 1950s. The production ceased a few times due to the controversies around this Stab-Lok breaker. However, these panels became a brand name for electric panels. The potential danger of these panels stayed on for a long. Even today, many homes have the FPE panels installed and they can cause severe accidents. 

Since so many people lost trust in FPE panels, the company was sold, and the new owner rebranded the same material and design as Federal Pioneer. A Canadian company called Schneider Electric acquired some part of the FPE business and began making Federal Pioneer. Nevertheless, Federal Pioneer was also doubted and questioned for its quality and functionality. Some of the models of FP breakers showed the same issues that were visible in the FPE panels.

Replacing FPE and Federal Pioneer Panels 

You all know that Federal Pacific panels are unsafe, so it is best to remove any of the FPE or Federal Pioneer panels from your home to reduce the risks of a fire. Removing only the breakers within the panels is not sufficient. You will have to remove the entire system so that no faulty component is left. The core design flaws are the primary reason you must replace the entire system.

How To Arrange Federal Pacific Electric Panels Inspection?

Any homeowner can get the Stab-lok breaker in their home checked. When ready for an inspection, call a licensed electrician to check the FPE panel. They will check each component and conduct a thorough inspection to determine which part is faulty or whether there is any risk of conducting a thorough inspection to determine if you have an FPE or Federal Pioneer panel. Don't wait until a potential fire hazard becomes a big issue for the building or the family, and get the checking done on time. All homeowners must periodically check the system in their homes and schedule an inspection to ensure the safety of their family and assets. 

If the electrician shows a faulty report, you should immediately consider replacing the electrical system. As mentioned, do not look for a replacement for a particular component; change the whole system to ensure your home is risk-free. Many homeowners need to learn which electric panel is installed in their homes. If you have bought an old house, it is crucial to get the electrical works checked. 

Suppose the electrician or technician confirms the presence of an FPE or FP panel, replacing the entire electrical panel. In that case, it is best to follow the instructions and get the system changed so that your home remains risk-free. A qualified electrician can handle the replacement process, ensuring your home's electrical system meets current safety standards.

Conclusion: Invest in Safety, Invest in Peace of Mind

Federal Pacific panels are unsafe and should be replaced in homes because there is a high fire risk. It is best to replace the electric panels that pose a significant fire hazard.

Don't gamble with the safety of your home and family. By scheduling an inspection and replacing your FPE or Federal Pioneer panel, you can take control and ensure a safer future for your loved ones. We always recommend a proactive approach to avoid any kind of danger instead of living without peace and comfort by getting regular inspections of the electric work in your home.