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Shop at the Best Furniture Companies in the World

These days everyone's busy fulfilling work and personal obligations. Our shopping habits have been affected by our changing lifestyles, and the furniture industry is no exception. Many people prefer to shop online for quite a few reasons.

The major reason for the shift in how we shop is convenience. Time has always been a valuable resource, but in recent years shoppers have become more aware of how long it takes to drive to a retail location and the hours spent inside reviewing all of the options. Then there's the time spent talking to a sales agent as they try to convince you to buy furniture you don't want or need.

Many put off the entire process until they absolutely must purchase new furniture because guests are coming to stay or the pieces they own have fallen apart. Instead of being a fun and satisfying experience, shopping for your home, office, or business has become a chore many dread.

However, the rise of shopping on the Internet has changed minds. And individuals are finding their online experiences trump their in-store experiences. Online stores can carry a wide variety of items that retail locations simply don't have the space to store. That means shoppers have more options to choose from. They also have access to additional services, such as custom-designing pieces that will work for their space.

We've compiled a list of the best furniture companies in the world below


Are you looking for inexpensive top-brand furniture? Do you need to fill a home or liven up a dull space? Then there's only one stop to make, and that's at 1StopBedrooms. This company has been around for over 20 years, and in that time, its innovative practices have changed the furniture world significantly.

How did they do it? By identifying opportunities that needed solutions, like overpriced shipping and relying on the old system of purchasing furniture. By cutting out the middlemen, the company is able to offer deeply discounted prices all year long. There are no warehousing fees, retail lease payments, and other overhead charges that drive up the prices of furniture.

The customer service provided is also a great reason to shop here. If you need help figuring out if a piece will work in your space, design specialists are waiting to help. And, if there are any issues with pricing or delivery, they are trained and ready to handle the matter and ensure you have a positive buying experience.


For modern and contemporary furniture designs, Apt2B provides a large selection of living, bedroom, and dining room furniture. They use high-quality materials for their pieces and offer them at competitive rates.

Modern designs are known for using natural materials in furniture designs. Apt2 B's solid wood platform beds are one of the more popular sellers on the site. They work well with farmhouse and industrial styles as well. They also have several upholstered beds that come in different color options if you want to add some depth to the space.


If you want simple yet sophisticated and opulent, shop Thuma's website. This company set out to eliminate all of the complaints commonly expressed about bed frames. You've probably experienced many of them yourself. The bed frame may have been flimsy, too heavy to move, poorly designed, or just too squeaky; we could create a laundry list of issues.

Thuma Decided it was time to change that and develop a platform bed that took away everything you didn't need and replaced it with functionality, minimalism, and luxury. The company's purposeful attention to detail has them test every aspect of the design before making it available to the public.

The beds are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means they meet global emission standards and are environmentally friendly. Thuma also works with One Tree Planted, so one tree is planted for each bed sold.


With Burrow, you no longer have to compromise quality for affordability. They use the direct-to-consumer business model, so you don't overpay for your new bedroom set. By doing away with third-party interference and dealing with the customer directly, the company has found a way to save recent movers and first-time homeowners a hefty amount of money on their new furnishings.

Search for wood and upholstered finishes in earthy tones or bold colors. Their modular designs make living convenient and easy, just as it should be. The clean, modern, and mid-century styles are built with longevity in mind, so the furniture will grow with you for many years.


Crate and Barrel's sister brand is the perfect source for lofts and apartments, but they also work in homes of any size. The focus of the brand is home décor, and they offer more pattern and texture selections than the original Crate and Barrel.

CB2 has a few interior design services you will find helpful. Use technology to see how an item will look in your space right from an app on your phone or to obtain a 3D room rendering with CB2 furniture in the areas you're furnishing. This spin-off of the original is a success and offers edgier and cooler furniture than its predecessor.


Furniture made in small batches and crafted by hand is Kardiel's contribution to the furniture world. They take 20th-century modernism to a new level by elevating the avant-garde style the period is famous for. The blending of modern and Scandinavian furniture has created a contemporary style Kardiel has embraced and shared with the world.

They combine furniture crafting expertise from all parts of the world. Solid wood is imported from Australia, leather is local and imported from Milan, Italy (which just happens to be a fashion capital in this world), and skilled hands in Vietnam craft each piece. Kardiel has found a way to bring you quality and unique furniture designs you won't find anywhere else.