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Secrets To Successfully Thin Out Hair

Thousands of people have lost their hair or found that it has become much thinner in the last couple of years. It can make it feel strange to want to thin your hair. However, the truth is that if you have thick hair it can be difficult to look after and to style. You need to thin it to ensure you can look like the best version of yourself.

But, before you dive into thinning you should be aware that there is a technique that you can apply. It is easy and effective.

Wash First

You should use a premium product, such as one from the Evo range, and give your hair a good wash. This will make sure that the impurities are removed. It may sound strange but even tiny amounts of debris in your hair can affect the way it is cut.

After you have washed it you can cut it wet or dry it in your usual way to create your usual style. This will make it easier to decide where to thin and where to leave it alone.

Get Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are designed to thin your hair and they will work on wet and dry hair. However, don’t just start attacking the heaviest-looking parts of the hair. You need to create balance. This often means removing a little hair from the heaviest sections and leaving the denser pieces as they are.

It is an effective way of improving style without compromising the fullness of your hair.

In addition, it is always best to remove hair from by the root, especially if you are dealing with shorter hairstyles.

Back Cutting

Another useful technique is back cutting. This is best done with dry shears on dry hair. You start at the ends of the hair and remove just a little of several sections. You can gradually move up the strands to get the balanced effect you are looking for.

This approach allows you to take the current shape of the cut into consideration which is important for the overall finish.

Point Cutting

You should also try point cutting the hair. This can be done on wet or dry hair and is designed to emphasize the point of your hair. Use straight shears to create the right edging to the hair and you won’t just lighten the hair and create better balance, you’ll be able to tidy up a scruffy finish and leave the hair looking fantastic.


Finally, you can try layering the hair. This is usually done as part of a haircut and style. The advantage of layering is that it automatically lightens the hair and makes it easier to style, because you are creating the style as you do so.

Of course, the best approach to thinning out hair is to have a professional do it for you. They don’t just have the experience and skills, they also have the best vantage point when removing or restyling specific portions of your hair.