Saying We Do Again: Savvy Suggestions & Sweet Spots for Vow Renewals
December 16, 2021

Saying We Do Again: Savvy Suggestions & Sweet Spots for Vow Renewals

In today’s disposable society, it is most refreshing to find couples who stay together. Each wedding anniversary is celebration worthy. Whether your five-year or 50-year anniversary is upcoming, perhaps you’re considering a vow renewal ceremony.

As a married couple, a vow renewal is a time to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you are now. Most couples comment as about how surprisingly romantic the vow renewal ceremony feels. Some remarked how much deeper and more mature their relationship seemed afterwards.

Location Sweet Spots

Do you want to find the exotic location for your vow renewal ceremony that you couldn’t afford for your wedding? From castles to cruise ships or beaches to mountains, if the location feels right, it is.

Thalia Haven – Tasmania

Thalia Haven is an idyllic location for couples passionate about rugged, natural beauty. Off-grid, somewhere along that road not traveled, Thalia Haven runs on eco-friendly solar and wind energy. Chances are you’ll be the first among your circle of friends to celebrate your vow renewal on the private coastline of Oyster Bay. How would it feel to be a trendsetter?


So, you’ve always wanted to be a princess? You can certainly feel like royalty when you renew your wedding vows in a palace or castle. The recently renovated Calowrie Castle in Scotland is touted as “Edinburg’s most exciting new venue.” It is an “exclusive-use property” so that the rooms on the ground floor of the castle and the 32-acre grounds are bespoken for you and your “court.”

The Orangery at Calowrie Castle is an ideal space for your vow renewal ceremony and reception. With windows on three sides, guests will have a panoramic view of the manicured gardens and wooded walking trails. The Orangery is immersed in natural light, making it picture-perfect for spontaneous photo-ops.

The 800-year old, medieval Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland is situated on 350 acres. If you’re into “fairytale forests,” beauty untouched by humans and the emerald hills of Ireland, this could be the right location for your vow renewal ceremony. Check out their two-night romance package.


At first sight, Taj Lake Palace is guaranteed to take your breath away. The white marble, floating palace is dubbed ‘one of the most beautiful palaces in the world”. Constructed in the 17th century, Taj Lake Palace is located on Lake Pichola, Rajasthan, India. Renewing your vows in such a magical place is akin to jumping into a storybook.

Cruise Ships

What can be more romantic than renewing your vows on a cruise ship? Here are examples of vow renewal packages from various cruise lines:

Paul Gauguin Cruises vow renewal package provides a lovely Polynesian blessing ceremony with the ship’s cruise director acting as officiant, readings of French Polynesian poetry and native women singing Tahitian songs. The couple receives gratis Champagne and crowns made of flowers.

Following the ceremony is a cake and chocolates and a photograph of the happy couple courtesy of the cruise line. The piece de resistance is dinner with the captain for the couple and their guests.

Welcome Aboard Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises took a page from the “Love Boat” and designed cruises all around love. Their Renewal of Vows Packages includes Champagne and engraved glasses in the couple’s stateroom, a bouquet and boutonnieres, Godiva chocolates and more. Several packages to choose from.


Step right up to the captain and renew your vows for the bargain price of nothing. Yes, Silversea performs vow renewals free. Just request your private vow renewal ceremony 90-days in advance. Afterward, the cruise line will supply cake and Champagne for you and your guests.


Chances are Carnival Cruise Line is the king among vow renewal venues, with around 1,000 performed annually. Choose from their Basic or Deluxe package. The ship’s captain will officiate at the ceremony and the couple will receive a keepsake certificate signed by him. Either package includes a toast with sparkling wine and wedding cake. Check Carnival’s website for further details and pricing.

At Home

Life circumstances may call for a recommitment of your marriage, which is more serious than celebratory. Perhaps your marriage has survived a separation, infidelity, financial crisis, etc. Renewing your vows at home is ideal in these instances.

Shut out the world, turn off phones, TV and so on. Sit facing each other, hold hands and take turns stating your vows. Either write your vows ahead of time or just let the words flow. Think: love, commitment, stronger marriage, rebuilding trust, pledge to…, recommit, blessing, comfort, and love.

How to Dress for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

Your mode of dress will depend upon where and what time you schedule the ceremony. Normally, dresses for renewal of vows are not as formal as the wedding dress. If you prefer white, it is no longer taboo for all except virgin brides. You may choose any color that appeals to you, including white. Think an elegant cocktail dress or a formal evening gown, depending upon the degree of formality and venue you chose for the ceremony. For instance, ceremonies on the beach or on a mountaintop would demand casual attire, such as a strappy sundress or a chic pants suit. As for the male, a nice suit and tie is appropriate. If the ceremony is casual, khakis and short sleeves are fine.

Who Should Officiate at Your Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Be mindful, there aren’t any legalities connected with a vow renewal ceremony and there are no rules. It’s your choice whether to even have an officiate. If you decide to ask someone to preside over your ceremony, you may choose from your clergyperson, a dear friend or a judge.

The Ceremony

Rings or no rings, traditional or original vows, walk down the aisle together or separately, music or no music, it’s all about you. Vow renewals offer an auspicious opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about your relationship and each other.

Some couples exchange new rings, which may not have been affordable on their wedding day. Others just leave their wedding rings on and hold hands during the ceremony. But rings must be incredible, choose best from GS Diamonds white gold engagement rings range!

Final Thoughts

Saying “We do” (again) can be the second most exciting event in your life, after your wedding day. Vow renewals are a marvelous way to remind yourselves how precious your commitment to each other was, is and will be.