Riding In Style: Fashion Tips For Equestrians On And Off The Saddle
October 27, 2023

Riding In Style: Fashion Tips For Equestrians On And Off The Saddle

There are few sports that are intertwined with fashion, more so than horse racing. The sport is closely matched with fashion, with superstars of the racing world often looking for the latest trends to improve their performance and style when riding horses in the world’s most prestigious races.

After all, if a jockey is set to ride a winner in one of the most lucrative races, such as the Breeders’ Cup, then they will want to look good when they are doing it. The event remains one of the most lucrative on the calendar, and you can find out more about the likely runners in 2023 at https://www.twinspires.com/breeders-cup/contenders.

But what are some of the key tips that Equestrians should follow to maintain their high fashion standards?

Riding In Style: Fashion Tips


Headwear is an essential part of equestrian fashion, as it is perfect to keep the rider sheltered from the hot sun and avoid getting sunburnt. Cowboy hats are among the most fashionable pieces of headwear for riders, with jockeys from the western areas of the United States typically picking this option.

Baseball hats are a more dressed down option when riding out horses at the yard. Hunt caps are the most sensible option for many riders, as they will avoid the risk of major injury should they fall off the horse.


Riding out at the local yard means that riders have the freedom to choose what they wish to wear, which is unlike when it comes to competitive action, as the colors of connections must be worn during raceday. Typically, riders will look to wear loose fitted shirts when riding out horses at home, as this will enable the rider to have complete control of the horse underneath them.

However, other riders tend to prefer tighter clothing, as it reduces the risk of a piece of clothing getting caught on a piece of the horse gear of a low-hanging tree. Therefore, vests are typically the most popular option in the summer, but riders will need to ensure that they have applied sun cream. In the winter, tweed jackets are the most popular option to ensure that riders don’t feel the chill.


One of the most important pieces of clothing for riders is the trousers or pants. Typically, most riders will opt for two-way stretch tights, which ensure that your legs are covered from friction burns on the horse, as well as keeping the rider warm during the winter months.

Many riders opt against wearing jeans of sweat pants, as these can often see the ankles roll up during riding, which could see mobility become an issue. Another essential for the lower half of the body is leg protectors, which can act as grip in the winter months when the horses become more slippery because of the weather conditions.

Off-Track Attire

Looking good before competition is often the name of the game for many jockeys around the world, meaning that we see many male athletes now attending meetings in three-piece suits before getting dressed in the changing rooms for the action on track.

One of the most stylish jockeys remains Frankie Dettori, who is often seen walking around the paddock before action in his suit and sunglasses. Female jockeys also dress up before taking the rides for the afternoon, with summer dresses typically a preferred choice.

But, a huge number of women jockeys also wear suits before the action to ensure that they look professional before doing their talking on the track with their horses later on in the day.