Night on a Pulsar N250
October 14, 2022

Ride through the Sleepless Night on a Pulsar N250

The riders carry a fire within them that ignites when they gather encouragement from the spectators who cheer their spirit and give them reasons to carry on their ride in life! 

It all starts with a gaze, intimidating

That sparks a certain something in riders to fetch for

It then allures a thirst in them to seek

Which pushes them to further across borders

Embraced by the very warmth of the night,

A rider goes out, as a wraith might; 

The bond between a rider and machine,

Is the truest bond – seen or unseen.


Why does one head out to chase the night?

The views? The skyline? The stars, the skies?

Nay – it's a chase for the chase’s sake

Led by these creatures of night.