READ THIS Before Upgrading Your Car with Rear Spoilers
June 10, 2021

READ THIS Before Upgrading Your Car with Rear Spoilers

One of the most common mistakes of every newbie in car customising is buying rear spoilers for a sleek upgrade without doing proper research first. We understand that rear spoilers are sleek and can transform your ride into a head-turner. But several factors come into play when customising your car.

If you’re a budding car enthusiast who wants to know more about car upgrades, you’re on the right page. In this piece, we’re laying out what you need to know before you pimp your ride with rear spoilers.

Car with Rear Spoilers

What are rear spoilers?

Back in the 60s and 70s, rear spoilers were one of the most go-to upgrades for race cars. These upgrades were built specifically to improve the performance of every ride in the racing world.

But nowadays, almost every car can be upgraded with rear spoilers even if the car’s not built for the racetracks. These kinds of upgrades have become widely accessible to every enthusiast, that’s why no wonder that every car head wants a piece of this beauty.

How do rear spoilers improve a car’s performance?

Although most car fanatics buy rear spoilers to smarten up the looks of their car, these upgrades are more than just an accessory. The true upgrade that a rear spoiler can bring goes beyond style.

For you to fully understand how rear spoilers work, you have to remember some terminologies and concepts. Below are the two of them:

Downforce – it’s the car’s ability to make your riding stable by gripping the road or track.

Drag – it’s the resistance built by the air and pressure surrounding the whole body of your car. Drag holds your car back and limits it to a certain speed only.

Every time you’re driving your car, downforce is always present. But if you decide to push the pedal to the metal, air and pressure start to gather around your car, slightly lifting the whole vehicle. This is when your car starts to lose grip of the road. And you don’t want that to happen because you’ll have a hard time handling your car.

But with rear spoilers, the downforce of your car is improved. Especially if you’re gassing up to 100 kph. Rear spoilers also reduce the drag that’s created by the air and pressure every time you speed up.

So, should you beef up your car with rear spoilers?

Rear spoilers are a great choice if you want to upgrade your car. But you don’t have to rush it because there are several factors to consider, too. If you plan on getting one, below are only some of the things to look into.

Warranty – before you upgrade your car or buy rear spoilers Australia, you must always check the warranty of your car. That’s because that warranty will decide whether it’s okay to beef up your car with specific types of customization, including rear spoilers.

The best thing to do is to consult your car dealer first or check your car’s warranty papers to see whether rear spoilers (or any kind of mods) are allowed to be installed on your car. You’ll only waste money and time if you insist on buying rear spoilers if it turns out that your car is not upgradeable with spoilers.

The worst thing that can happen is that your warranty will be disqualified if you upgrade it without checking.

Car Age – your car’s age must also be considered. The concern is, can your car handle the modifications that will be done? If you have an old car, chances are that it can break during the installation process.